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Your Land. WHAT?! MOD APK v1.1.5 Mod Unlocked Full Game

Your Land. WHAT?! MOD APK

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Your Land. WHAT?! MOD APK is a mobile real-time strategy (RTS) indie-game in pixel-art style in which you have to advance civilization by collecting resources, expanding your village and defending it from enemy invasions through different ages.

Your Land. WHAT?! MOD APK – travel to the time of the beginning of humanity and evolve to continue the race and go through all the events described in the history of the Earth. Interesting epochs differ from each other: everyone has their own hobbies, clothing, work, relationships, financial locations, and so on. In any case, you will always have to defend your territory and the people on it, so think of the best ways to complete this important mission. Day after day, and you will not notice how you have come a long way from the usual jungle to the conquest of space.

Your Land. WHAT?! MOD APK is a real-time strategy game from the publisher Meteory on mobile. During the game, you are the immortal leader of a vast land. You are at the top and the guide of all your inhabitants. You accompany them through the ups and downs of the periods, from the Stone Age to the most modern life today.

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Your Land. WHAT?! MOD APK use pixelated graphics for all game progressions. If you are new to this visual style, you may be a little uncomfortable at first as feeling like every detail is not very clear. But after a while, you will soon realize that you get a new feeling thanks to it. Although not as sharp as 3D, the large and small blocks moving continuously on the screen make the game’s progress quicker, and you also have a broader view than just focusing on the details.

Wherever the land extends, you make your mark there

At first, you only start with a few inhabitants and a small plot of land in the forest. Collecting wood, you will light the first fire, bringing light and temporary safety to your people. You will then need to gather everyone to carry woods, process them, and build the first wooden huts to avoid harsh natural conditions. After you have a house/hut, you will need to make a fence to keep out wild animals. You will then start planting and crafting other hunting and gathering tools for your wealth.

When things are more stable, you will begin to assign specific labors thoroughly and scientifically. One group specializes in mining, another group specializes in farming to ensure food for everyone, one more group takes care of the construction, and a few strong residents are chosen as warriors for the tribe. At this time, the weapons are more interested in developing. You will realize that we cannot do without the role of blacksmiths and weapon-making centers. Thus, a functional house is about to be born.

Then residents have more complex needs such as separating into small families, building their own kitchens. The division of land became more awkward, leading to conflicts. From here, the division in social order appears, even at the most rudimentary level.

It has led to skirmishes, fighting for territory between small groups in the tribe. You will have to be the leader who finds peace and solves these contradictions. Doing this will bring humanity through the second stage of humanity, the Iron Age.

Rewrite human history

At the beginning of each period, you receive a “mission list” which lists all the great features of that period and the important things that need to be done for new developments. For example, at the beginning of the Iron Age, you need to lead people to build important buildings such as windmills, foundries, smithies, sawmills, specialized resource mines, big houses, small houses…

The workload is increasing, more sophisticated, and detailed. You will see that the game interface is no longer a few small spaces but has spread to most of the screen. And detailed in it are the strong, non-stop activities of hundreds of residents. Dozens of works are under construction day and night, and everything progresses strongly. At this time, you continuously select tools, areas, and resources. You will find your hand moving super quickly. That’s when society gradually develops and prepares to enter new, more intense, and persistent wars.

Just like that, development, negotiation, war, then development, and war again… That loop has brought humanity through the periods: Prehistory, Ancient, Medieval, Early Modern, and Modern. You can play all of them until your energy runs out.

Each period in the game has its own unique color. In the beginning, the empty land gives you a fresh green color, but also full of sprawl and lack of social order. Later in the Ancient and Medieval periods, everything is more organized and civilized, but you must go into constant wars with many forces. Things gradually become complicated, and the surrounding space takes on gloomy color. Besides green patches are dark things, most of which come from human ambition.

In the later periods, there are no longer small battles, but big wars. Each war can completely change the face of the world (as you may have known through the World Wars). The wars are widespread and harsher than ever. So that when you finally find peace and regain humanity’s civilization, you will realize that what you need is to write beautiful pages of human history, not to spend time on wars.

Accompanying humanity through the ages will give you a complete and neutral view of the world chronicle. You will realize that no matter how outstanding an individual is, he is just a grain of sand in the desert. The only thing that we can do to contribute to great humanity is to do our good work in the present. Because human strength is limited, life is also limited, it is even more important to live well, live fully, and stop wondering and looking at things that do not belong to you.




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