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Xeno Command MOD APK v0.9.10 Mod Unlocked All Characters

Xeno Command MOD APK

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Xeno Command MOD APK is a high–quality real-time strategy game with bagel elements that fans of the futuristic setting will like. The player will lead an army during the events concerning the colonization of various planets and related battles with alien creatures. For battles, the leader will be able to recruit various heroes with all kinds of abilities. Also, the user needs to navigate in constantly changing locations, engage in construction and stimulate the emergence of new units.

Xeno Command MOD APK – strategy for android with cartoon graphics and futuristic setting. In the future, many corporations began to expand to other planets, which led to the awakening of ancient civilizations and other monsters. Random generation of levels is waiting for you, which will add replayability. During the missions, it is necessary to build buildings and train Marines. There is also the possibility of capturing and building a base, as well as giving direct orders to individual units. Since this is a mobile project, expect corridor locations. They will have to fight mutants similar to Zerg. And in general, the whole Xeno Command MOD APK is permeated by the spirit of StarCraft. The game is divided into chapters and missions with several levels of difficulty. The developers promise simple controls and elements from bagels. You can also expect 4 unique factions and galaxy exploration.

Xeno Command MOD APK – Save the galaxy before the aliens could completely take over your territories! You, as a representative of one of the planets, will represent the interests of your own people for other civilizations that also want to get rid of aliens, because the threat of extinction is too high for everyone. Lead unique units, collect the necessary weapons for battles, make decisions that change your fate, build dozens of defensive structures and choose the difficulty of passing the game, it is the key to victory.

Gather an army to your taste

Units are divided into three groups – infantry, alien allies and robots. In turn, there are three types of fighters in Xeno Command MOD APK responsible for melee, ranged combat and support in each of the groups. Infantry includes rangers, snipers and engineers. The aliens have guards, mediums and diplomats. robots are flamethrower, missile and melee.

Usually there are 3-4 squads led by the hero under the control of the player during the battle. The cost of a unit is not proportional to its effectiveness on the battlefield. There are no useless units at all. A prodigy cannot decide outcome of the battle alone. Depending on the task and the enemy, it is necessary to change composition of the squad.

Developers originally approached this issue. The type of unit within a group is open for changing at any time. That is, you make a sniper or an engineer from a ranger, while robot with grenade launchers can become a flamethrower on order.

Well-developed heroes

Using main hero in fighting in Xeno Command MOD APK is so fun. Even before the battle, you appoint a commander: the list of good fellows is large, so feel free to choose anyone. Everyone has own skills, but all they come down to one thing – if you need to quickly resolve the situation somewhere, then you cannot do without them.

Every brave hero has a couple of great tricks (for example, firing a laser) that players need to improve in futures. Completing missions brings points and gamers can use them to upgrade the character. It hurts more to beat, to live longer, and the like. There are also administrative skills. Make your mines work faster, give more resources, and produce soldiers in barracks more effectively.

No need in Internet to play

The game is so cool that it does not require active Internet connection to play. Just launch Xeno Command MOD APK in any place you are and be sure to play with no ads or other disturbing problems. There are no board to compete, players cannot launch multiplayer here. Everything focuses on offline. Just be ready to fight terrible aliens and create the most powerful base ever.

Graphics and sound

Developers decided to focus on retro setting and presented pixelated graphical component that resemble era of SEGA so much. Look on the gameplay with top camera and upgrade/unlock new opportunities in special menus with cubic graphics. In addition, you can listen to classic 8-bit soundtracks that were so popular 20 years ago.

A mobile strategy war game. Players will play the role of heroes, lead troops, and wage fierce wars on alien planets. The strategic gameplay is combined with Roguelike elements to randomly generate levels and encounter events.

Players will play heroes from all walks of life, continuously obtain commands such as troops, buildings, and skills through battles, and create powerful combinations to lead the troops to capture the enemy’s stronghold, obtain more resources, and finally break the enemy’s base.

Click on the enemy – focus fire on the target; drag the ground – move the field of vision; click on the ground – control the troops to move to the specified position; double click on the ground – ignore the enemy and force the troops to move. Each time you pass a level, players will receive a variety of rewards for upgrading skills, buildings, and skills. During the clearance process, players will also encounter various random events and complete various tasks.

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Random battles: The battlefield is changing rapidly, and the level map is randomly generated, constantly triggering new game experiences. Simple operation: no need for division operation and complicated formation selection, go forward bravely, use intuitive and simple operation, and get a refreshing combat experience. Rich strategy: There are a lot of command content, free combination and matching, customize your fighting style, every battle has infinite possibilities.




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