wintercraft survival forest mod apk

WinterCraft: Survival Forest MOD APK v0.0.30 Mod Unlimited Money

WinterCraft: Survival Forest MOD APK

Requires Android :5.0+
Current Version :0.0.30
Mod Info :Unlimited Money
Size :82MB
Online/Offline :Offline

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Your only chance of escaping this difficult situation is finding a way out of the winter forest where you’ve become trapped. What are your chances of making it to the morning? WinterCraft: Survival Forest MOD APK, a survival game set in a winter forest, requires you to confront the dangers head-on. Gather supplies, camp, track down wild animals, and trek through snow-covered forests!

There are many exciting things in store for you, including living off the land, going on adventures, hunting, gathering resources, and creating things. Finding food, melting snow, hunting animals, and keeping a fire are skills you’ll need to survive. You will also need to hone these abilities. It can be difficult to survive the winter in the wilderness; to stay warm, you’ll need to build a fire and keep adding wood. Make your bed to get ready for the evening. Collect the berries, as well as the trunk and branches, stones, and bark. Create a pair of tools—an ax and a pickaxe—and use them to break down rocks and cut down trees. Animals can be hunted for both their meat and their skins.

Make things that will help you survive and succeed. After making your selections, click the Craft button to proceed. Caution is advised because some of the items require the use of a campfire, a knife, and a workbench. There are many different types of wild animals that live in the forest. They are made up of both herbivores and carnivores. Where would you put yourself in the food chain if you had to choose? The wind and cold will be the most difficult obstacles to your ability to survive in this environment. Build a fire and prepare some warm clothing. During the winter, the evergreen forest appears to stretch on forever. But who were the people who lived here before we arrived? Furthermore, why is this place empty right now? Your job is to find this specific piece of information for the company.

You are in a winter forest and trying to survive at any cost! Will you be able to live at least until dawn?

WinterCraft: Survival Forest MOD APK is a winter forest survival survival game where you will face dangers head on. Get resources, set up a camp, hunt wild animals and explore snow-covered forests!

Many adventures await you: survival in the forest, exploration, hunting, gathering and crafting. You will have to learn a lot to survive: get food, melt snow, hunt animals and keep a fire!

Build your camp

It’s not so easy to survive in the winter forest: you need to build a fire and add firewood to keep warm! Set up a shelter for the night.

Get resources

Collect tree, branches, stones and berries. Craft an ax and pickaxe and chop down trees and rocks. Hunt animals and get meat and skins.


Craft items for survival. Select items from the list and click Craft. Be careful, some items require an active campfire, knife or workbench!


There are many wild animals in the forest. Some are carnivores, some are herbivores. Where will you be in the food chain?

Cold and weather

Frost and wind are your main obstacles to survival! Build a fire and make clothes to keep warm!

Explore the vast winter forest

The winter forest always seems huge and boundless! But has anyone been here before us? And why is no one here now? This is what you have to find out.

• Simulator of survival in the winter forest, where you are one on one with nature and weather
❄ Cycle of day and night with changing weather
❄ Set up camp and keep the fire going
❄Cook food and water on the fire
❄ Huge free world to explore
❄ Stylish graphics and sounds of winter forest
❄ Craft weapons, tools and clothes
❄ Scenic views, magnificent sunsets and sunrises
❄ Detailed tutorial
❄ Animals and hunting

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How to play? Tips:
➔ Collect resources: wood, stones and branches; they can be found right on the ground
➔ Choose a place and build a campfire and shelter there
➔ Fill the fire with wood
➔ Craft pickaxes to mine stone and iron
➔ Craft bow and arrow
➔ Start hunting for animals: to shoot, pick up a weapon and press the crosshair, then aim the weapon at the target and press the Fire button. Approach an animal and collect resources
➔ Explore locations and find a workbench to make more items
➔ Make warm clothes – keep warm
➔ Watch the level of your needs: sleep, warm yourself, eat, drink.
➔ If any of the needs drops to zero, then your health will begin to decrease. In a dream, it will be restored.




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