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Walk Master MOD APK v1.51 Mod Unlimited Money

Walk Master MOD APK

Requires Android :4.0+
Current Version :1.51
Mod Info :Unlimited Money
Size :69MB
Online/Offline :Offline

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Introduce about Walk Master MOD APK

Stilts are a popular folk game in many countries. With the current development, stilts are not only used for special occasions of a certain nation, it has become a popular game that anyone can experience. Inspired by this folk game, producers Two Men and a Dog have released a game called Walk Master MOD APK, an interesting simulation game. You have the task of controlling the character moving by stilts. Join and conquer the most difficult tasks.


The title of the stilts wasn’t much, so when Walk Master MOD APK was released, the game gained a lot of attention because of its unique content and addictive gameplay. Players will control the character in the game, walking continuously on towering stilts, heading towards the destination at the end of the path. The roads in the Walk Master MOD APK are not flat, it is designed with many obstacles, traps and monsters.


There are two game modes for players to choose from including Marathon, where the character must walk far to score. Of course, you need to run as far as possible because the road seems to endlessly towards the end of the forest. The deeper you go into the forest, the more obstacles and hazards will appear! Be careful, if you do not want to have a suspicious accident.

Finally, Speedrun mode, where players need to run quickly to avoid obstacles in the back, because they can collapse at any time. Walk Master MOD APK offers players hundreds of challenges with all-new obstacles and traps. Players will not know in advance what is waiting for them ahead

Walk Master MOD APK is a fun walking character control simulator. You must use all of your hand skills, such as aligning the time to move accurately, to help the character overcome a series of challenges at each level. You will demonstrate your bravery by walking on stilts with your pet and correcting the most difficult tasks.

The task is also more difficult because the game uses a sensible physics engine, so you must do each step as it is, or you will quickly fall. You will have to master this skill on rugged terrains such as platforms, cliffs, reservoirs, bridges, and other technical structures, which will add to the game’s complexity. To make gameplay more comfortable, the developers added the ability to customize the surface and a variety of control options. Walk Master MOD APK is a game with one-of-a-kind content: control your pet to walk continuously, navigate difficult roads, and overcome obstacles with towering stilts. You must use all of your talent and flexibility to safely and securely get the character to the finish line. The game requires players to calculate details to have an accurate time so that their character arrives at the finish line on time. The game features a plethora of new challenges and levels that are regularly updated and the opportunity to collect 24 unique characters while aspiring to be a professional stilt rider.

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It is your mission to guide it through the forest in search of the kidnapped family. However, if the player loses balance, he or she must continue to slide for the goat to move; otherwise, the goat will fall, and the curtain will end immediately. Thus, although the control mechanism is straightforward, it prioritizes skill and precision to ensure balance. The road, however, will not be smooth when traps and dangers appear everywhere. The player must maintain balance on two sticks and be skilled enough to avoid these hazards. Because the levels are not timed, try to move slowly to stay safe while pondering how to overcome the most difficult passages. Walk Master MOD APK features up to 20 different types of characters, including sheep, cows, goats, pigs, zombies, and sausages. Through facial expressions, they pretty cutely shape. You can use them to increase specificity for future challenges by unlocking them. In addition to the distinct characters, the game provides equipment systems such as coats, helmets, and special stilts to allow you to personalize your character.

In the most recent update, the developer added new challenges and a slew of new characters for players to interact with it. Challenges are constantly updated, resulting in an endless stream. Predator fish, large rivers, and even windmills will appear to stop you. Walk Master MOD APK’s graphics design in 2D with memorable lines. The character designs help players feel the enjoyment that the game provides. In the green forest, you will get a taste of animal life.




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