ultimate custom night mod apk

Ultimate Custom Night MOD APK v1.0.6 Mod Unlocked

Ultimate Custom Night MOD APK

Requires Android :5.0+
Current Version :1.0.6
Mod Info :Unlocked Survival Kit
Size :194MB
Online/Offline :Offline

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The monsters in our nightmares are horrible. What if they all gather and attack you together? Ultimate Custom Night MOD APK will bring you the bloodiest party. The gathering place of all the extremely disgusting spirits gives the ultimate fear. No one can escape, can only stand and fight them. Are you confident and agile enough to be on the lookout for threats?

Before the success of the super-horror Five Nights At Freddy’s game series on mobile. Publisher Clickteam USA LLC has continued to release a more special version. That is Ultimate Custom Night MOD APK, to sum up, all the fears throughout the previous games. All the characters are fully included without missing anyone. This will be a great challenge for the bravest. Requires much more complex and difficult operations. Horror game enthusiasts will surely be overwhelmed with what Ultimate Custom Night brings. Let the fear take over you and begin to feel each breath.

Fight the strongest demons

Let’s start your scariest night with the steps to set up the level. You can choose the characters you want it to appear on. Choose the difficulty for each child to challenge yourself. You can arbitrarily adjust as long as you meet the requirements of the game screen. Carefully reviewing the initial instructions is the most important step when playing. If you are sure and there are no problems, then start enjoying. In a room, you will have to pay close attention to your surroundings. Through surveillance cameras, you can know when they will arrive. Close the door before they can enter your room. If you let them successfully scare you, you will lose immediately.

In this room, you will have to manipulate many different tools. Each tool can hurt you or save your life depending on the effect. Be calm and handle it quickly. You can identify them through the signs before coming. Everyone has their own way of intimidating.

The room is hot

The room you sit in is very secretive and extremely hot. In addition to the fear creeping into the mind, the temperature also gradually increased. Don’t know why you’re sitting here but it’s the last resort to stay safe. Closing the door for a while can make the room feel extremely stuffy. If the temperature is too high you may weaken and even die before they arrive. That’s why you can’t win by closing all the doors and waiting. Leave the door open at all times to keep the saturation temperature in the room. You can use the fan next to you to keep yourself cooler. But the fan will catch you off guard with its loudness, so balance things out.

Unlock great movies

Every time you win a certain level, there will be an unlocked video. These funny short videos will help dispel your fears. Prepare for the next level of better quality. These videos have nothing to do with the game. Just super cool images of Freddy guy on the footage. Maybe a super cool samurai facing his arch-enemies. A high school with students and their own story. It is extremely interesting and interesting that makes this game never boring. Win together to unlock the best short films. Explore the story in a different light.

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Classic levels

The challenges will be divided equally from easy to difficult in the list. When completing a level, the latter becomes even more dangerous. The scary level distribution will be more forcing you to increase the difficulty. You will have to gradually adapt to things that intend to attack you. Reflections become sharper every time you look at the camera and notice the movements around. Each game screen will have different requirements or an advantage for the player. In return for other things will be more dangerous. Attackers can do illegal things. Of course, that makes this game even more interesting.

In addition to the game screen, you can also make some cool customizations. The room where you sit can be decorated with various things. Try out new art styles that excite you. Discover even different scary voices voiced in a terrifying way. Every demon is a terrifying voice ringing in your ears. Let’s experience what Ultimate Custom Night MOD APK will bring to you. Moments of fear and suspense that want to lose limbs when there are people wandering outside.




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