ultimate bowmasters mod apk

Ultimate Bowmasters MOD APK v1.0.5 Mod Unlimited Money

Ultimate Bowmasters MOD APK


Requires Android :5.0+
Current Version :1.0.5
Mod Info :Unlimited Money
Size :110MB
Online/Offline :Offline

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Ultimate Bowmasters MOD APK – an updated action game in which you have to throw objects at your opponent. The game gets new visuals, physics, modes, and a variety of characters. But overall the gameplay remains original, choose your character with a unique weapon then aim for the right trajectory and hit your enemy. After 2-3 accurate hits you will come out the winner, but don’t forget that your opponent can also strike.

A casual game that combines action shooting, puzzle solving, infrastructure construction and other gameplay. Players play as a sharpshooter and complete the current level by defeating each other in the level.

Compared with manual aiming for shooting and testing reaction for shooting, there are more choices and changes. The super-popular style of painting and character modeling have laid a solid foundation for the popularity of the game. Cartoon modeling, interesting gameplay, simple graphics, and rich systems bring players a brand new gaming experience.

Ultimate Bowmasters MOD APK is the continuation of the cult game from Playgendary Limited. Players again have to embark on the thorny path of an archer and fight for the title of the best of the best. Try new types of weapons and play as iconic characters from well-known franchises. Test your skills in new modes and get a lot of pleasure from passing through all sorts of rewards. Calculate the force of the throw and the angle at which a dagger, arrow or even an ax will fly. Catch the golden mean without hitting the target several times in a row. Upgrade your skills and never miss. For lovers of such arcades, we can also offer Streamer Rush and Button Fever.

New bloody mode

If in the original Bowmasters we dealt only with various kinds of injuries, now the developers have provided something similar to a fatality within the cult Mortal Kombat. Get the most out of the game through the bright and stylish destruction of enemies. The faster and harder you deal with the enemy, the more gold coins your character will earn. Use the in-game currency to purchase various weapon upgrades and unlock new fun characters.

Shooting just got more fun

Thanks to well-developed physics and improved mechanics, Ultimate Bowmasters MOD APK began to look much more difficult. Take into account the landscape around you, take aim and take into account many factors, without which you will not see victory. Also, take into account strength of wind, angle of inclination, change in terrain, movements of your opponent, who at some levels will not only run, but also jump or crouch. After all, he does not want you to hit him.

One day there will come a moment when you also have to take into account the weapons on hand. That will be a big problem. After all, how to strike in this case with a rubber unicorn or a swordfish, which will be in the place instead of the usual bow?

New colorful characters

Imagine for a moment that you are in control of Sub Zero, who has to shoot his signature weapon right in the head. You may have to take control of Morty, whose main weapon is syringes with a poisonous liquid. Sometimes you can feel for a moment like a dupe among real killers – a doctor, a poker player or even a firefighter. With every hour of the game, you open more and more characters and each of them will delight not only with their original appearance, but also with unexpectedly high-precision weapons. Although it all depends on the skill of the player.

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Fun game mods

We will fight with AI in single player mode of Ultimate Bowmasters MOD APK. There are two heroes on a 2D terrain map. The task of each is to shoot the other. At the beginning, the weapon is an ordinary bow, but later the assortment will expand (hammer, bottles, chocolates, syringes). The difficulty lies in the fact that the enemy is at a distance of several screens from us. Therefore, you have to spend several turns on zeroing (we control trajectory and power) before you make an accurate shot.

There are also duck hunting modes, when you need to get more game, and knocking an apple off your head, where you need to show jewelry accuracy. In online matches, competition takes place with real people. Therefore, you can check the level of your professionalism. The rating will show what place you can take among all the players.




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