trucker ben mod apk

Trucker Ben MOD APK v3.15 Mod Unlimited Money

Trucker Ben MOD APK

Requires Android :5.0+
Current Version :3.15
Mod Info :Unlimited Money
Size :23MB
Online/Offline :Offline

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Trucker Ben MOD APK – this is an incredibly atmospheric long-range truck driving simulator, where you will find pleasant two-dimensional graphics with a side view. Despite the unusual appearance, here you will be able to immerse yourself in the gameplay, and experience all the difficulties and romance of this profession for yourself! From the very beginning, you will be able to go on your first task in your truck. Each time you will need to deliver a different cargo, differing mainly visually and by weight, which should of course be taken into account. During the trip, you should also be careful, because often there is a bad, and sometimes even a dirt road, where there is a risk of getting stuck. Of course, in this case it will be possible to call a tractor to pull you out, and this is a completely normal situation for this profession, since the road is unpredictable. As you play, you will be able to pump your truck, or buy new ones that differ in characteristics. In addition, there are many interesting little things that make the game realistic.

A new part from the developer of games Bad Trucker and Best Trucker!

Game Features:
* various trucks
* realistic physical behavior of trucks
* repair and upgrade trucks
* various cargoes and trailers
* various locations and road conditions
* story line
* the change of night and day
* beautiful 2D graphics
* realistic controls
* frequent updates

You will:
* plan the best route for transporting goods
* show skill in loading difficult cargo
* improve the truck: engine, gearbox, transmission, fuel tank, tires and so on
* monitor the condition of your truck and repair if necessary
* overcome difficult sections of the road
* discover new territories and complete various missions

Beginner Tips:
* keep an eye on the fuel level and refuel the truck in time
* repair the truck between flights so as not to lose cargo
* if your truck is not powerful enough, avoid bad roads
* complete orders completely to get hearts
* if you are stuck, call a tow truck
* please note that the loading height of the load on trailers with a low platform is limited

Patience and hard work will help you get the legendary trophy at the end – Best Trucker!

Deliver the goods safe and sound

A simulator in which anyone can become a trucker and transport valuable goods. Your goal in Trucker Ben MOD APK is simple – to move quietly and measuredly on a bumpy road and get to your destination on time. You have a huge map at your disposal. It depicts certain enterprises that need goods or the transportation of finished products/raw materials. Players are waiting for several hundred levels, interesting orders, hand-drawn graphics and customizable controls.

Upgrade your truck

Earn money for transportation of goods. The game has a huge variety of tasks and methods of delivering goods, cars, various trailers and improvements that you can buy for money. If there is not enough money, then watch a short commercial. The greatest attention comes down not to graphics, as it is 2D here, but to physics, which looks as realistic as possible. Developers took into account all irregularities and different types of road surface, which affects both the speed and the complexity of cargo transportation.

Authentic locations

Each location of Trucker Ben MOD APK is a huge number of potholes, jumps and bumps, due to which it is very difficult to deliver each cargo safely. To get to the opposite end of the map successfully, you need to control not only the speed, but also the amount of fuel. All the necessary indicators are displayed at the bottom of the screen. They will help to keep the balance. Virtual trucker has to travel, earning a living and gaining experience points to move up the career ladder between such familiar scenery.

Graphics and sound

Trucker Ben MOD APK features two-dimensional graphics with an assembly view. Despite such unsightly graphics, it is still very interesting and exciting to play.

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  • Beautiful 2D graphics;
  • Realistic physics and roads;
  • Dynamic weather change;
  • The ability to repair or pump the truck;
  • Several types of unique trucks.




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