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Transit King Tycoon MOD APK v5.21 Mod Free Shopping

Transit King Tycoon MOD APK

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Introduce about Transit King Tycoon MOD APK

Big city, big dream!


Transit King Tycoon MOD APK is a transportation-based business simulator game. You will start a small business, but raise a big dream, and will do everything to achieve your goal, even though that goal is so big that it can never be reached in real life: to be the best construction manager in the world.

The general rule leading to success is to create facilities for the whole city, upgrade the industries and develop everything as you like.


Now let’s talk about the first steps of the ladder of ambition.

Starting in Transit King Tycoon MOD APK, you will run a construction company that is responsible for transporting different resources around the city to build bridges, roads, build houses, factories, factories as required of the urban manager needs. Now you are only a small part of the process of promoting the town’s development, under the supervision and control of the government.

This startup stage looks like that but also takes a lot of effort. To transfer resources from place to place, you must build seamless routes in the city, giving priority to key areas. The more effective the roads are in the circulation of the city, which we roughly call the main road, the more points and rewards will be obtained for you.

The establishment of roads must also be done in parallel with the management of the office of the construction company owned by you. You need to find, train employees, train them to be skilled and capable people to work on their own. Then let them help you to do the assigned tasks. You will need to conduct an appropriate division of labor, both in terms of quantity and quality of labor for each project.

After the road is built, the personnel is quite good, then you will start transporting your resources to the right places, make the buildings to grow, the bridges, the new urban areas to take shape. Every time you complete a project, regardless of its size, you will also receive bonuses and other attractive rewards. The reward can be equipped to enhance the company’s work, may be an attractive new business. Accumulated money you will use to upgrade the fleet, buy new trucks, tank trucks, cement mixers, upgrade routes for more convenient transportation of resources, hire more workers. Deciding which elements to buy new, buy more, upgrade or increase production is entirely up to you. Make a reasonable decision based on the time, actual needs, and the amount of money you have on hand.

The business gradually expanded, the scale also became larger. You now have the money to buy a small town and start building a new plot of land to your liking. In the not too distant future, you will become the richest tycoon in the world.

This game can also be played online to unlock new achievements and compete with friends or other players.

Experience a lot of exciting activities

With such a process of operating, operating, operating everything from A-Z, it is clear that Transit King Tycoon MOD APK is not just a simple game about transporting goods. Let me briefly tell you a few interesting activities in this game so that you can think for yourself if you should play or not.

First, our protagonist as the owner of a small trucking company has many opportunities to drive a variety of vehicles to do the job of transporting goods and resources: medium trucks, heavy trucks, tank trucks, cranes, tractors with tons of bulky goods…

Next, during the game, there will be a lot of customer characters who are looking for your service to deliver goods in a limited time quickly and neatly. For example, you need to deliver fruit trucks to the supermarket at exactly 5 am before the supermarket opens. Or you can transport bricks and stones to a construction site before the city’s no-loading time…

Your goal in each of these small missions is to drive carefully, on time, drop the goods at the right location, and strictly obey the above traffic laws and always keep the goods in the best-preserved condition. The difficulty is not only that because the higher the level is, the longer the transportation route, the more twists, and turns, and the more oversized packages. You will find it increasingly difficult to achieve the desired speed or encounter all kinds of risks on the road such as being late, dropping goods, etc.

At this time, our talented character suddenly comes up with an excellent idea. He starts to use his talent of persuasion and available money to buy resources cheaply and then build his transportation routes: shortcuts, smoother roads, wider roads… It is only for the ultimate purpose of transporting goods and doing the job faster, more efficiently, and safely. Driving on the existing old roads to transport goods longer, or building a new road out of your pocket for long-term savings, it’s all up to you to decide. This is the interesting thing about this simulation game.

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Gradually you will have bolder decisions, such as building monumental facilities in the city, a series of land and water transport routes, or discovering new and secret areas of the island. You will turn an ordinary town on an empty island into a bustling urban area, attracting the economy and trade of the whole city.




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