toziuha night draculas revenge apk

Toziuha Night: Dracula’s Revenge APK v1.1.0 Apk Full Paid

Toziuha Night: Dracula’s Revenge APK

Requires Android :5.0+
Current Version :1.1.0
Mod Info :Full Paid
Size :133MB
Online/Offline :Offline

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Toziuha Night: Dracula’s Revenge APK – A tribute to the Classic vanya game. Fight with alchemy and an iron whip!

The protagonist arrives at Devil’s Island and encounters various monsters. He can attack monsters or protect himself. After use, the number of recovery times. Monsters have a certain probability of attacking at the beginning. Let’s see how many monsters you can defeat! In this battle, you will lead us to defeat these cunning and vicious demons.

Toziuha Night: Dracula’s Revenge APK is a 2D side-scrolling action platformer with classicvania style. Travel through different linear maps set in a dark fantasy world; such as a gloomy forest and  Count Dracula’s castle.

Play as Xandria, a beautiful and skilled alchemist who, using an iron whip, fights against the most fearsome demons and other alchemists.


This is not the story of a heroine who seeks to protect people. Xandria, for selfish reasons, goes on a dangerous mission to Dracula’s castle.

In Transylvania, the story is told of a legendary alchemist named Vlad Tepes (Dracula), one day he was sentenced to death for having made a pact with a Toziuha, and thus acquiring demonic power. Years later, several alchemists from [The Order] have been found impaled outside Dracula’s castle, and it seems that somehow Vlad Tepes has been resurrected in search of revenge.

Find out more about this tragic story of a girl who fights with a whip of iron chains, a cruel reminder of a tragic past.

*This is a game made by a fan of Classic-vania games, just that*.


In the main role will be a lonely girl named Xandria, who is fond of alchemy. Her entire family has died at the hands of Vlad Tepes, and she decides it’s time for revenge. Armed with a metal nine-tailed whip, she fearlessly ventures into a castle full of all manner of evil.


In fast-paced action, simply kill anything you see in your path. First things first, make your way through the gloomy forest that surrounds the vampire dwelling.

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  1. Original symphonic music.
  2. Retro pixelart style as a tribute to 32-bit consoles.
  3. Test your skills by fighting final bosses and various enemies.
  4. Play without internet connection (offline game).
  5. Anime and gothic style characters.
  6. Discover more of the tragic story of the protagonist available in English, Portuguese and Spanish.
  7. Compatible with gamepads.
  8. Fully customizable touch controls.
  9. Available for Windows, Android, Linux + SteamOS.




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