total destruction mod apk

Total Destruction MOD APK v2.8.1 Mod Unlimited Money

Total Destruction MOD APK

Requires Android :4.0+
Current Version :2.8.1
Mod Info :Unlimited Money
Size :47MB
Online/Offline :Offline

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Total Destruction MOD APK will be a game that can give its players exciting experiences, and it will help bring their emotions to the highest. If you are a lover of fighting games, shooting, or using weapons, this will be the game you are looking for. Coming to this game, players will control themselves with heavy combat vehicles to perform their tasks.


The first thing that the game wishes to be able to bring to its players will undoubtedly be attractive gameplay. The first idea of the game has brought me intense shooting action with heavy fighting machines. Stepping into his game, players will be able to quickly feel and integrate with the fast but beautiful fighting gameplay.

Besides the gameplay that has received a lot of love, the challenge system will also be remarkable. For the combat vehicles to be put to work at your disposal, you’ll need to have objectives such as tall buildings, rugged terrain, or enemies. And the opponents that you need to overcome are also built according to a highly tight system, including the lowest level of soldiers, and the highest level will be the advanced air defense system S-300.


And to be able to carry out the tasks that the gameplay has given you, the advanced weapons will be an effective support tool. When starting to play their part, players will be visiting a modern weapon system with a lot of designs, and its uses are entirely different. Some familiar weapons that players may recognize in the game will be machine guns, cannons, autocannons, rockets, bombs and nuclear weapons, and many more.

No less competitive with the opponents you will have to meet in your game, your vehicle system is also equipped with a complete and diverse Total Destruction MOD APK. An arsenal of highly advanced aerial combat vehicles, including fighter planes, helicopters, … will be brought to you. In addition, ground combat vehicles include a variety of tanks such as A-10, AH-64, and P. 1000 Ratte and more than 20 other vehicles.


The graphics will certainly be one of the final features for the game to perfect and give to its players. The graphics will definitely be the means to do it for the game to recreate the tense battle situations on the battlefield and the real emotions. Therefore, the game makers have also equipped their products with an outstanding graphic quality that is maintained throughout the entire game.

Destroy buildings, terrain and enemies using machine guns, artillery, autocannon, cannon, bombs, rockets and nuclear weapons.
You can choose between helicopters, planes, tanks and several other types of ground vehicles!

**Powerful nuclear weapons
**Sandbox mode with weapon customization
**Cool explosions – lots of fire and debris!
**Special attacks
**Buildings destruction – shoot your rockets at different buildings and watch them collapse.
**20+ achievements to unlock
**35+ missions to complete

There are more than 20 different vehicles including A-10, AH-64 and P. 1000 Ratte tank, which you can upgrade for better armor, engine and weapon systems!

Enemies have many types of units from lone soldiers to S-300 advanced anti air systems.

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  1. The game is developed based on extremely dramatic shooting, action, and fighting games.
  2. The weapon system of the game is prosperous combined with many types of combat vehicles in the air and on the ground.
  3. Extremely attractive combat gameplay with controlling combat vehicles and firing heavy weapons.
  4. The targeted objects are also quite diverse such as buildings, terrain, or the well-built enemy system.
  5. The game’s graphics are designed in a youthful style but still bring extremely high combat scenes and spirit.




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