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Tomb of the Mask MOD APK v1.10.4 Mod Unlimited Money

Tomb of the Mask MOD APK

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Review Tomb of the Mask MOD APK

In a day of work, study tired and stressful, or maybe you are free and don’t know what to do, so you want to find a simple game that helps kill time and entertainment. Well, today, I will introduce for you a suitable game.

Tomb of the Mask MOD APK was released on February 9, 2016, by the publisher Playgendary and was updated in several versions to fix some bugs to improve the game. The game is a great combination of retro-style graphics, fast-paced gameplay, and quite simple controls, and let’s find out more about the game below:


In Tomb of the Mask MOD APK, players will become a small explorer in an infinite maze world with dangerous, deadly pits. All you have to do is move your finger in the direction that you want your character to move, your character will run in that direction and stop when obstacles are encountered. You will have to slide your finger under one the other way is to help the character move forward.

Let your little explorer explore the mysterious, enormous labyrinth, running through many rooms to collecting coins that appear on the ground. You could keep alert and clever, avoiding delicate traps. It sounds easy, but until the experience, you will see speed is vital in this game, quick reflexes, quick thinking is the important element.

Two game modes

Tomb of the Mask MOD APK has two main modes of play that are arcade mode and level mode. In arcade mode, you will perform your character’s move running in the maze, pass and avoid the traps, explore the paths in the maze and eat much money along the way until you die by run into the trap or be drowned because you run slowly on the water. In level mode, the game can be completed in a short time.

Simple graphics

Graphics of the game is design in retro style and removed many details. As a result, the game is compatible with a wide variety of phones, running smoothly on most phones, including low-profile phones.

Some things you may not like

While playing Tomb of the Mask MOD APK, there are too many annoying ads and you have to pay for it if you don’t want it appears again. To be the best experience, you will spend some money helping block ads.


Coming to Tomb of the Mask MOD APK, players will have the opportunity to discover all the mysteries and interesting things in that maze. When you reach the maze, you will see a strange mask, you put it on and suddenly feel that now you can climb the wall quickly and easily. Thanks to this handy climbing feature, you have been searching for the exit for this mysterious maze; you will have the opportunity to go all the way, every corner of the labyrinth, to experience and discover the wonders of the world—something new and unique in the country.


When you come to Tomb of the Mask MOD APK, you will inevitably face dangerous and complex challenges. You will have to face different types of traps at each level, many tricks to destroy and destroy yourself. Besides, countless other scary enemies are also aiming to harm and kill you. All the difficulties will pile up on your head, leaving you feeling pressured and scared. But no, you will never give up. You have to be calm and handle all situations in the best way to prove yourself.


Tomb of the Mask MOD APK always brings many dangerous tricks to you. That’s why you should think carefully before making an important decision. With the years of experience and knowledge you have, come up with an innovative and attractive strategy. Each player will have a different level, so they will also have other thoughts and gameplay. In addition, you should learn, make friends, and get to know and learn about the methods to go out.


The producer has designed and created an incredibly unique and new graphic screen in Tomb of the Mask. All details are described and shown realistically, meticulously on the interface you see. Your character is sketched and created most simply, not too colorful and bright, but very pleasing to the player’s eyes. They will be highly interested and want to explore and experience this vast maze with the main character. In addition, the combination of light and fun sounds here has made players feel more motivated and focused on playing.

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This is a game that anyone can join to have fun and discover new things. Regardless of whether you are a student, working person, or even middle-aged and older adult, as long as you have the purpose and need to experience, you can download it to enjoy and enjoy the exciting things. Not only that, but you can also let your child play as well as if you have time, play with your baby so that parents and children can study and entertain together comfortably and happily. In addition, you should introduce the fun of the mazes appearing in this game to those around you.




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