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This War Of Mine Stories APK v1.0.4 Apk Full Paid

This War Of Mine Stories APK

This War of Mine Stories APK is a survival game where you will face the most authentic humanity. Only when it comes to life, humanity will show its evil face.

You will kill more people for the people you want to protect. In order to have better weapons, you will sneak up on the soldiers who protect you, kill them and plunder their weapons. You continue to live and wear a mask of justice to live.

This War of Mine Stories APK is a survival game where the players will try to keep the characters’ lives in the place of a civilian while completing the ongoing war. The game has a day and night mechanism that players will need to be careful in doing work. At the same time, you can also fully explore other abandoned areas and return when it starts to dawn. Indeed this is a game that you will not be able to ignore because of the impression and urge it brings.

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The world of This War of Mine Stories APK that players enter will ultimately impress them with the colors it can bring. It is an entirely dark world where wars are taking place, but you are not a soldier who will fight with your teammates against the enemy but civilians. At the same time, the area where they exist has been heavily devastated, so they only have to find the necessary items to sustain life and try to survive the different days in the game.

As mentioned above, the environment in the game is wholly featured when all are covered by a black mist that makes the player’s perspective completely dark and helps them realize the brutality of war. At the same time, you will observe the game from a 2D view and overview the characters to control them precisely. In addition, you also see circular buttons with different icons similar to the action that the character performs when touching it.


You will control three characters inside This War of Mine Stories APK, and each character has their looks and characteristics that you can observe through the images on the right side of the screen. At the same time, these pictures will also show which character you are controlling, and you can move them to the location you want to collect the necessary things or craft something. In addition, an exciting point in the game is that the game is divided into day and night.

The characteristics of day and night have opposite features that you will need to observe and be careful about to survive in the best way. For the morning, you will usually focus on crafting, creating food, and searching for things inside the house that the characters are in at the beginning of the game because it is enormous and has many rooms. When night falls, it’s time for you to leave your base and collect new elements safely.


It would help if you only stayed home in the morning in This War of Mine Stories APK because you can be attacked from the outside, so when the screen arrives, you will open the map with different locations. Each location will give you a specific benefit that is evident through the location information. So you will consider particular places to go to and collect what you need. The number of participants will usually be one person, and before you go, you will need to choose other roles for the two characters to stay.

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Once you have selected the prepare button, you will go to that area, continue moving and exploring it. Each area has different magnitudes that you will spend time collecting. At the same time, after the collection process, the night you complete, the character will return, and at that time, the sky will also begin to light. You will continue your survival process and maintain it through many different nights. Of course, you won’t be able to take your eyes off the experiences that appear before your eyes.

P/S: You need internet connection the first time you enter the game or the game won’t run!(Cần kết nối mạng vào lần đầu chạy game!)

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