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This Is the President v1.0.0 Apk Full Paid

This Is The President is far more storytelling than simulation, even when compared to the genius Suzerain. This Is The President, on the other hand, is a strategy game about managing personnel as characters in the service of history. This is President is very well designed and it will take several playthroughs to see all the ramifications and options the game has to offer, which is a testament to the game’s stellar and well planned design.

This Is The President is an extreme case when it comes to strategy, but the inimitable Sin Vega is optimistic about where political strategy games can go in the next few years. However, This Is The President achieved the inimitable Sin Vega, given what exactly “political strategy game” means.

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It’s the President who doesn’t want to be so serious, just enters into it without strong feelings about politics. The game’s writing is exquisite and perhaps the most important thing for a game about politics, it allows players to be any politician you want. It’s the President, a satirical political game that excels when it hits the mark, but seems too verbose to win the vote.

The game enters some dark gray areas that show the dark underside of politics, and towards the end of the game, players are forced to make some really terrible decisions. Thus, the gleeful idiocy of the players’ terrible VP can save some of the other elements of This Is The President. This leaves the game in a different position than similarly structured games such as the excellent political sim Suzerain, which is more focused on being an honest and open leader if the player so desires.

A little improvement, This Is The President could have been a great political game, but even so, it’s still of great quality. At the end of the game, the winner can be determined by the person who has served as chairman the longest, or by the final chairman position at the end of the game.




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