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The Tank MOD APK v1.1.3 Mod Unlimited Money

The Tank MOD APK

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Stickman action shooting games can make people addicted. Today, we recommend action shooting games with the theme of stickman battle. Let players start a fierce fight. How to use the existing weapons will be the key to the player’s victory or defeat.

You need to give full play to your imagination and the weapons provided in the battle, and use the rich terrain and complete props to put the enemy to death and win the battle.

The Tank MOD APK – a side-scroller action game in which players will become a crew of the likeness of a tank. It’s a fantasy Middle Ages in the yard, so you need to make adjustments to the available materials and the understanding of contemporaries of how a really cool mechanism capable of changing the rules of war should look like. At the disposal of gamers will be a self-moving platform on which you can install various siege machines. It remains only to find brave fighters and you can go straight to the epicenter of the battle. Cute graphics, development, changing the type of projectiles, exciting tasks and much more will not let fans of the category get bored.

The Tank MOD APK is a 2D shooting game with a simple style. Players will play a stickman to drive a tank and destroy all the enemies that block in front.

In the world of The Tank MOD APK, you will become a stickman hero. In the process of moving forward, you will encounter countless enemies, and build various fortresses and catapults on complex terrain to stop your progress. , shooting their shells, bows and missiles from all angles will cause damage to the player, be careful to dodge and defend. Our stickman can choose a variety of tanks and equip a variety of weapons to attack. After collecting more rewards, you can also change the stickman into various gorgeous clothes, and decorate with special jewelry can also show the unique identity of the stickman. Nearly 100 levels, a variety of maps, a real feedback physics engine.

The Tank MOD APK Game Operation

The tanks in The Tank MOD APK are made of wood and break easily. However, players can transform it after winning each level, and even buy new tanks to directly upgrade equipment weapons and tank performance. The modified parts include tanks, armor, defense skills, and attack weapons. The basic operation is very simple, just slide the weapon to the angle you need to attack. The tank will automatically launch ammo attacks.

The Tank MOD APK is simple in content but does not lose its gameplay, it is full of fun and it is your best companion to kill time. If you still want to experience more similar games, then we recommend Stickman Fighter Infinity.


The Tank MOD APK is a game where you have to destroy other players using your stickman tank. The game features a variety of fortresses, catapults, and countless enemies you must fight off. In addition to fighting enemies, you can customize your tank using weapons and special armor to protect it from enemy attacks. It offers nearly 100 different levels and maps to battle through. The physics engine of the game will give you honest feedback during battles.

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You can have unlimited money and spend it on building more robust tanks. You can also customize your tank with various parts and use them to win the battle. The mod apk also lets you play with your friends. It also offers battle modes such as survival, team deathmatch, and cargo fetch.


In The Tank MOD APK, players can earn rewards for winning the battle. These rewards can be used to buy upgrades or powers for their tanks. This means that users can operate their tanks even better than before. Once they have upgraded their tanks, they can use these upgrades to purchase more powerful weapons. These upgrades will give players an advantage in the battle.


A 2D shooting game where you will control a stickman tank and destroy all the enemies in front of you. You can use various weapons and upgrades to your tanks. You can choose from multiple armors and other decorations to personalize your character. The game features hundreds of levels and many different maps. The gameplay is based on real-time physics, so you will not get stuck with one strategy all the time.


The Tank MOD APK is a game that allows players to build and upgrade multiple tanks. This game lets players equip tanks with powerful stats and weapons, with over 200 different combinations of bases and weapons. This mod allows players to upgrade any tank they want, giving them more choices in battles. Some features of The Tank MOD APK include Air Strikes, Repair Pack, Mines, and more!


You can choose a tank from various designs and decide how many weapons you want to equip. When you attack an enemy, you must be sure to aim correctly. The game has many different weapons, and the controls are very accurate. There are hundreds of levels and maps so that you will have a blast!



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