the sea of death apk

The Sea of Death APK v1.119 Apk Full Paid

The Sea of Death APK

Requires Android :4.0+
Current Version :1.119
Mod Info :Full Paid
Size :158MB
Online/Offline :Offline

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A very scary adventure escape and survival game, everyone should have feared things or scenes, and everyone should have similar nightmares after watching horror movies. Dim rooms, cramped corridors, blood-stained walls, intricate structures, locked doors, will this game evoke the fears buried in your heart? Find a way to escape the horror and gradually uncover the truth of the events.

A thriller adventure that combines an adventure escape puzzle and a story!
Multiple endings determined by your choice!

The main character, who lost his memory due to an accident, sets off to find his memory.
You will experience a variety of stories that you will experience.
Your choices will determine the ending of the protagonist.

The Sea of Death APK Features.

-Escape game and various puzzles and stories
-Mysterious story and multiple endings according to your choice!
-50+ puzzles and mini-games!
-A thrilling escape puzzle!
-A game with collectible elements!
-You can play multiple times with 7 endings and hidden endings!
-Pixel graphics give you a retro feeling!
-Easy interface to immerse you in the game.
-There is no in-app payment inducement, but you can enjoy all the stories comfortably by making a paid purchase.

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Recommend it to these people.

1.For those who like escape games, puzzle games, story games, adventure games, visual novel games, pixel games, dot games, and free games
2.Those who seek the fun of endings that change depending on your choice.
3.People who like to guess stories.
4.For those who like to find hidden things throughout the game.



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