the room two apk

The Room Two APK v1.11 Apk Full Paid

The Room Two APK

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The Room Two APK is a mystery/room escape game, designed from the ground up for smartphones and tablets, in beautifully immersive, fully 3D environments.

The player finds themselves following the clues left by a famous but mysterious scientist, who disappeared while researching the mythical “Null” element. By solving each puzzle, the player gets closer to the truth, and to freedom.

This sequel to the The Room is larger and includes more challenges and puzzles that its predecessor, while retaining the multiple award-winning visuals and atmosphere which made The Room a worldwide hit.

“The Room Two APK” inherits the advantages of the previous game, the game has done a good balance between mystery and puzzle solving. Light, sound and other details against the background of the tension, the interlocking puzzles, tips do just right, it is this year’s puzzle game leader.

From the beginning of the system screen can be seen, the production team in the game a lot of effort on the screen: Whether the light reflected in the texture of the game name, or pocket watch next to the move, or occasional slight fall dust, All are impeccable. The game is a 3D scene, in the actual game process can actually maintain a high standard of picture performance, it is amazing.

As an example, the gypsum figure shown in the figure below will appear in the late stage of the first pass. Under the big screen of the PAD, the sudden appearance still frightens Mr. Ning, but after a closer look, the gypsum-like detail lines are very smooth and With a slight yellow color, the light and shade of the device on the hand is extremely beautiful and the degree of realism burst out.

In addition to rely on the screen performance, music and sound effects can easily make people feel the atmosphere of strange tension. However, The Room Two APK is indeed remarkable performance in this area. Suspense’s theme song and Ruoyouruowu background music people seem to really exposure to this mysterious room, and occasionally wind, board sound unconscious breath breath. The second pass, for example, the player was imprisoned in a boat on the small room, as long as you listen carefully, you will find the scene has a sound of waves, wood squeaks, people walked through the deck of the sound, looming, the whole was Off the atmosphere on the boat set off.

A good puzzle game, the first is to have a good puzzle, unlike other games do not look at the Raiders can not go on the difficulty of the game’s puzzle set interlocking, with a wide range of Puzzle way, after the player completes this puzzle, will shout “was this way!” And you have to remember, all this is only in this small room.

In general, The Room Two APK is a well-deserved classic puzzle masterpiece. High level of game screen, realistic sound effects, awesome operating feel and ingenious level design, let the players seem to be among them, into the full sense. In the course of the game, the player sometimes can not touch the North at half past one in time, just want to give up when inadvertently clicked, will make you find clues. While ecstatic, rekindle the morale that continues to challenge, this is where the real charm of this place. Like puzzle game player, passing through do not miss!

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– Designed for touch devices, the intuitive touch interface lets the player manipulate objects in the game as though they were really there.
– Simple but powerful in-game controls allow players of all experience levels to immediately enter and enjoy the game.
– Best in class, full 3D graphics puts the player right inside the game. Explore rooms and objects from all angles, uncovering new clues and solving challenging puzzles.
– Atmospheric music and sound effects envelope the player, taking them deeper and deeper into the world of “The Room”.
– Fully localized into Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and Korean (also playable in the original English).




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