the pyraplex mod apk

The Pyraplex MOD APK v3.00 Mod Unlimited Money

The Pyraplex MOD APK

Requires Android :4.0+
Current Version :3.00
Mod Info :Unlimited Money
Size :26MB
Online/Offline :Offline

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The Pyraplex MOD APK – A wonderful game in which we have to throw ourselves into one of the greatest construction projects in all of human history – the construction of the famous Egyptian pyramids! Besides the building process itself, we need to build trade with other countries, invite them to consult and adapt their knowledge and cultural value!

Make history with The Pyraplex MOD APK, a desert oasis of commerce and culture far ahead of its time. You may attract visitors ranging from Aztec chiefs to Roman centurions to wayfarers even further from home. Cultivate trade with these civilizations and more to enrich your culture as well as your coffers.

Keep your bazaar buzzing by adding amenities and making handicrafts. While quarrying building stones, you’ll also unearth hidden treasures with a variety of uses.

Of course, building a new wonder of the world is no easy task, so expect an annual evaluation by the Pyramid Association to keep you on track! You’ll have to design with both form and function in mind if you want to tower above the rest!

We take you across space and time to a unique world. The Pyraplex MOD APK opens to players a new civilization to build a new wonder that will be remembered in the world. Here, besides the task of building the pyramid, you have to earn many sources of income from business activities. Not only that, the accidentally found treasures will bring players unforgettable experiences.


To be able to complete the pyramid building mission successfully, you and your allies will mine as much stone as possible on perilous cliffs. This job requires a lot of experience and courage, but the results achieved besides the stone to build the pyramid, the player also received mysterious treasures that have been buried for a long time. Each treasure will contain many different valuable items and things with different uses.


In addition to the site to build a unique wonder of the world, you will be tasked with managing a unique market. This place will be designed for stalls making handicrafts and selling them on-site to visitors. Therefore, this strange market is known as never sleeping, always bustling with customers, with transactions.


The Pyramid Association plays a vital role in your adventure as it becomes a place for you to receive helpful reviews. Building a new wonder to reach the world is certainly not easy; you will have to rebuild it many times but don’t be discouraged, The Pyraplex MOD APK will help you conquer it. The Pyramid Association plays an important role in your adventure as it becomes a place for you to receive helpful reviews. The Society’s annual review will help you refine both the form and function of your work.


Can players build an empire with The Pyraplex MOD APK’s unique commercial and cultural desert oasis? Let’s build a culture ahead of its time to interact with many parts of the world. This place will be an attractive place for tourists worldwide to visit, from Aztec chiefs to Roman loyalists.

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Not only cultural exchanges but when tourists from all over the world come to you, special services along with souvenir shops, refreshment shops, museums will help players earn a considerable source of income, enrich your coffers.


P/S: Don’t give the game any permissions!!



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