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The Last Vikings v1.4.1 Mod Unlimited Money

About The Last Vikings

The Last Vikings is a special game that can give its players an extremely engaging fighting experience. If you are a person who really loves role-playing games, this will be a game that you should not miss. With this game, players can completely immerse themselves in the Viking world again with many battles and extremely attractive challenges.

The Last Vikings

An action-adventure game, players will lead the Vikings on an adventure. As long as they successfully defeat all the enemies in the scene, they can start looting treasures. Some Viking warriors will be lost in each battle. Players need to replenish new troops in time to maintain The combat power of the team can provide Viking warriors with more powerful weapons and equipment.

Simple and addictive gameplay, the game operation is very simple, and a lot of game addictive links are designed, which is very interesting to play. Innovative design links, combined with more interesting elements, design many innovative game links for experience. Explore the magical world and explore the magical stories in the game, you need to develop your own stories.

The Last Vikings is an SRPG where you’re in charge of a Viking village. And just like any Viking village worth its salt, these fearless warriors spend their time trying to attack their neighbors.

In the village, you can choose which heroes to take into battle and equip them with different legendary weapons. They can also build different ships to sail to the enemy villages. Ships are an important part of the game, since they let you get closer to the enemy with all your warriors intact.

Once you reach an enemy village, you need to knock down their defenses and engage them in battle. Tap the screen at the right moment to give your warriors a bonus attack. Sometimes this bonus won’t be decisive … but on other occasions you’ll need it to win.

The Last Vikings is a game with a very simple gameplay that combines elements from different genres to provide a highly entertaining experience. On top of that, the retro-pixelated graphics go very well with the game’s madcap approach.

Embark on your Viking adventure sailing dangerous seas for looting villages and bring glory to the Viking people again! Build your army, boats, special heroes and powerful weapons to deal with the onslaught of attacks and mythical creatures.
+ Simple, addictive and innovative gameplay
+ Mythical and Legendary Battle of Dragons, Hydres and More
+ Immerse yourself in the world of The Last Vikings by exploring different lands of rare treasures and booty
+ Collect and update over 50 unique and varied heroes
+ Build different Viking boats to conquer as many villages as you can
+ Discover and try different combinations of powerful weapons

Selected as Video Game Manager by Google Play in 2016.

On your Viking voyage, try to feed the villages as you go for a walk in the unfamiliar sea and get the Viking back in production as soon as possible! Build your army, boats, special heroes, and highly effective weapons to withstand the onslaught and attacks of mythical creatures.

With the disappearance of the Vikings, their legacy rests on you …

“It’s also incredibly beautiful and looks really nice next to every line.” – 148 apps


– Simple, addictive, and modern gameplay

– Fight the legendary and legendary dragons, hydra, and extras

– Immerse yourself on this planet of the last Vikings by exploring completely different lands for unusual treasures and loot.

– Rescue and upgrade to 50+ unique and different heroes

– Build as many different Viking boats as possible in the villages you visit.

– Find a completely different combination of very effective weapons.


  • The game is designed with the role-playing game genre to be able to give its players a simple but highly realistic experience.
  • The main gameplay that the game brings to its players will be to fight with many extraordinarily creative and addictive missions.
  • The game’s content will be built on the life of the Vikings through a lot of different engaging battles.
  • A special system with various characters and weapons that can be combined to create a terrible power in battles.
  • Through fighting and conquering different villages, we will be able to help players get back for themselves rare items and treasures.


Warning : Đối với những thiết bị Android 6.0+ thì cần phải cấp quyền bộ nhớ cho ứng dụng thì mod mới hoạt động được!!!(For Android 6.0+ devices, it is necessary to grant memory permission to the application for the mod to work!!!)



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