the greedy cave mod apk

The Greedy Cave MOD APK v4.0.14 Mod Unlimited Money

The Greedy Cave MOD APK

Requires Android :5.0+
Current Version :4.0.14
Mod Info :Unlimited Money
Size :311MB
Online/Offline :Offline

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The Greedy Cave MOD APK takes you to a village with many different locations, and in it, there is a dungeon waiting for you to conquer. Sure, it’s a dangerous place with many monsters, but there will be valuable items that can increase the strength of the character. At the same time, there are regulations on the quality of items that can be brought out of the dungeon, and do not forget to increase the character’s stats to unlock new powers in the skill tree.


In The Greedy Cave MOD APK, players will be accompanied by a character who desires to find legendary treasures, and of course, this is not an easy journey. That comes from the dungeon they have to go into, and different monsters await. At the same time, a floor will usually have quite a large space that players will try to explore, and if they are lucky, they will pick up certain items to use for themselves.

The first job you need to do in this game is to create a character with the appearance you desire. There will be many options for you, and then, the player will be moved to a village with quite special characteristics. Specifically, the places you can go to in the village are arranged in a circle, and you need to swipe clockwise, a new location will appear. One of them will be the dungeon that you will need to conquer.


When you start with The Greedy Cave MOD APK’s first stage, you’ll get a map and specific gear to start with. You will see a merchant and can buy some necessary items to prepare fully equipped to fight the enemy. Then you will go to a new space, and on the map, you will clearly know where you need to go. Sure, chests will appear that you can open, and monsters will also appear with impressive rewards.

Players will be able to move quickly to the position they want, and they only need to touch the enemy they want to attack to initiate the fight. There are two types of damage represented with different colors that you will need to pay attention to. At the same time, when attacking, the enemy’s stats and weak point information will also appear for you to change tactics appropriately. You will also get some drop items from them similar to other RPG titles.

A remarkable point that makes you think in this game is going to the next stage or exploring the current stage. You will see a quest that requires you to reach a certain level, and you will need to save your health from unnecessary fights or traps that you easily recognize. Also, if you’re lucky, you can find a scroll that teleports when you run out of health, and only gold or more items can be brought out of the dungeon.


Any player wants to become strong and defeat the enemies in The Greedy Cave MOD APK, so there are many ways to do this. There will be an unexpected number of items; if you are lucky, they can be gold quality items so you can equip and continue your journey to destroy the enemy after the stat has been partially improved. In addition, the character’s stats are also an essential factor that cannot be ignored.

An interesting mechanic that players will find in this game is that upgrading stats will unlock impressive skills. Specifically, you will see a list of the character’s stats, and next to it is a skill tree; you will find two different types of stats depending on the color. Each time you level up, you will get some points and decide which stats to raise. You also see the skill bar increasing until you can hit the first skills.

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  1. The character in this game desires to find a legendary treasure, and surely, there will always be monsters to prevent this desire.
  2. Players will explore dungeons with many stages and monsters waiting, and they will need to be careful when fighting and observing traps.
  3. There are many items that can be dropped during exploration, and one of them can be equipped with different qualities.
  4. The number of items is diverse and will help you increase your stats and especially try to find eligible items to bring back to the village.
  5. A system of skills and stats makes the character stronger, and when you upgrade enough of a stat type, you will unlock different skills.


P/S: Sometimes there is an error that shows gold at 0 but still buys normally!



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