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The Eyes of Ara APK v1.50 Apk Full Paid

The Eyes of Ara APK

Requires Android :5.0+
Current Version :1.50
Mod Info :Full Paid
Size :283MB
Online/Offline :Offline

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The Eyes of Ara APK —  great puzzle game for Android devices, which will amaze with its beauty, design and incredible puzzles.  Far away on the forgotten island stood a long-abandoned and rickety castle, which by its very appearance frightened the inhabitants and awakened nightmares in them. Not so long ago, something inside him appeared and became visible mysterious lights. The world needs someone who dares to enter the castle and protect the world, as well as learn its history, will you become this hero?

The Eyes of Ara APK – this is a game where you have to go on a fascinating journey through the mysterious castle which for centuries was a strange event. In this case you have to go through a storyline by solving dozens of puzzles. Great graphics, interactive locations and intricate task without a doubt will attract all fans of adventure and fans to smash his head.

You will find an entertaining adventure through the elaborate three-dimensional world full of secrets, puzzles, challenging puzzles. Find a mysterious treasure that will help to bring together the ancient secrets of knowledge and science. Learn the crumbs of the intricate and incredible history of the castle, as well as its inhabitants, find unexplored slopes, mysterious places and treasures.


The Eyes of Ara APK (pronounced you-ray ARAH) is the spiritual sequel to The Eyes of Eternity. The story begins five years after the events of Eternity when a tragic earthquake kills his family. Isaac, a newly-trained psychic, must learn to use the unseen power to protect his family and himself while also dealing with increasing psychic trauma. The puzzles in The Eyes of Ara APK are visually stunning, and I wasn’t let down by how engaging they were, despite the visual novel style of game-play. The puzzles themselves vary between puzzle and platform game, and once again, Ben Droste really shines.


The first section of The Eyes of Ara APK, the prologue, takes place within an ancient castle’s grounds. There are many puzzles to solve in this part of the game, and I particularly enjoyed the “rooms within rooms” mechanic. You solve a room by finding the correct item, then move to the next room, and so forth. This adds a level of curiosity and interest to the puzzles, as it makes you want to figure out how to progress to the next room. The castle also provides several magical artifacts to collect, which further unlock the many puzzles within the castle.

As you progress through the game, more puzzles are added to the puzzle arena, and the overall difficulty increases. The majority of these puzzles are not too difficult, but I always felt something was missing from the overall gameplay. It is not a major issue, but rather a slight annoyance. The Eyes of Ara APK does provide a fair amount of challenge for all players, but there are just some nice touches that could have been added that would have made the game more engrossing.


The second section is the exploration of the various places you will go. The first few areas you explore will provide little things for help… But later areas will throw you right into the middle of a fight or flight combat. The map is not particularly large, but it does present a few challenges to solving puzzles or completing puzzles. The graphics are adequate but are not anything special.

The third section of The Eyes of Ara APK, the journal pages, is where you get the story of Ara’s Eyes in a narrative format. The story is told through journal entries that are collected throughout your adventure. The journal entries are used to put the player in situations to solve puzzles or view what the characters are doing during said adventures. The journal is also used to give a bit of background information about the world in which The Eyes of Ara lives.

The Eyes of Ara APK has quite a bit in common with other text-based adventure games like Myst. The primary objective is to locate and defeat monsters. The second objective may be to escape from dungeons. The third objective is to find the lost son of a former king. All these quests are accomplished by examining objects, reading passages on the map, and clicking on inventory items. The inventory items are automatically selected when you are looking for something. If you click on an item that doesn’t fit your current inventory, you are forced to pick another item.

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The final part of The Eyes of Ara APK involves the door puzzle. The player must use the camera to look for a switch that will open a large door at the map’s bottom. Once you find the switch… A beam of light will shine from it, and you will have to go inside the door. The entire scene is animated and can be very interesting to watch. The game also has several endings and different graphics for each ending, but we’ll save those for the reviews.




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