the dark book mod apk

The Dark Book MOD APK v3.5.4 Mod Unlimited Money + God Mode

The Dark Book MOD APK

Requires Android :4.0+
Current Version :3.5.4
Mod Info :Unlimited Money, God Mode
Size :118MB
Online/Offline :Offline

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The Dark Book MOD APK takes you to a land of death where evil monsters hide behind evil forces occupying your territory. Embark on a journey to a faraway land where awakened souls carry the responsibility of destroying enemies and reclaiming territory. You will go through different missions through each gate, searching for the dark book and uncovering the mysteries hidden behind that mysterious evil force. Let’s control the warrior to conquer the territory and become a true hero.

Here is a great Game for ARPG enthusiasts where you play as a skeleton character called The Dark Book MOD APK. This is an offline hilarious rpg game where you find yourself in the lands of Morghoth, where the souls have awakened because of a book named, “The Dark Book”. It is inspired by old-school 90s classic games. Many souls woke up and spread in the city from where you will be directed to start with some weapons and Maps and directions. On your way, you will have so much fun with many creatures from various references like Film (Army of Darkness, IT), Many references from TV Series just like Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad and other games like Soul Reaver and Medievil. Our inspirations are Diablo, Sacred, Shadow Flare and other old-school games. Soon you will find this game to be one of the Best offline ARPG games. Because of its flexibility, graphics, music, and action, this game is the best game to play on android phones.
The Dark Book MOD APK game has a variety of enemies, environments weapons, and spells, where you will enjoy your several hours of play. There also many other RPG offline games for PC that quite resembles this game. Our goal was to design the Best RPG games for Android, which we finally prepared for people of any age.


Welcome to Morghoth, a sacred land with dark forces invading your tribe’s territory. Begin your journey to explore the ground in a strange place where you will meet many new friends and enemies responsible for obscure events and are on a journey to find out what happened. Thereby, you will learn new skills from the opponent through the opponent’s fighting style. Let’s gather a mighty army to fight, build the right tactics, make the most of your resources, start epic battles and reclaim your territory today.


The map opens to the vast world. Join your teammates on a journey to find the mysterious book full of challenges ahead. You will role-play as a skeleton through a horde of monsters and complete the quest to defeat the enemy. Classic RPG gameplay will bring you to the epic battles of the bravest warriors. Time is limited, so you have to defeat your opponent quickly to collect a lot of resources to support you in the process of upgrading your hero. Depending on the character’s progress, you will have spells compatible with your ability; killing opponents, you will receive experience points to boost and increase strength.


Embark on an exciting fantasy adventure that will immerse you in the land of Morghoth, starting with epic battles. The game has many different levels divided by levels, and you will experience tough challenges ahead by an increasing number of enemies. Faced with evil monsters, you need to equip yourself with the most necessary skills and always keep calm to focus all your energy on trouncing them. Make the battle your playground and take back what belongs to you.

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  1. Large world map players will be immersed in the mysterious land of Morghoth.
  2. The game’s attraction is the fascinating story that hides the dark secrets behind the book.
  3. Classic RPG gameplay that takes you to challenge epic battles.
  4. Face many different enemies and are divided into many levels for players to explore.
  5. Continuously updated and developed many new features to give players the best experience.




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