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The Ancestral Legacy! APK v1.1.5 Apk Full Paid

The Ancestral Legacy! APK

Requires Android :4.0+
Current Version :1.1.5
Mod Info :Full Game
Size :98MB
Online/Offline :Offline

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The Ancestral Legacy! APK will be a game that can give its players a highly diverse experience of emotions. If you are a special fan of mysterious adventure games, this will be a game you should not miss in your play. With this game, players will be completely involved in the main character’s story and discover the deepest emotions it can bring.


Gameplay plays a vital role in games designed with the player’s direct experience. And the makers of The Ancestral Legacy! APK have selected for you a very unique adventure novel style game genre to be able to experience. This game genre has opened an amazing story that allows players to participate in the first-person perspective and the emotions, thoughts, and characters experienced.

Starting your game will be the image of Kyung Lee starting his journey back to his hometown to have a summer vacation. But it doesn’t seem to be a peaceful summer vacation that everyone wants, but instead a horror experience. Created in the format of a horror novel, the game will be divided into many different chapters, leading your emotions to develop continuously in this journey.


Besides novel gameplay created, the style that The Ancestral Legacy! APK. The desire towards its players inside the main game is horror. You will be starting with the story of the Lee family – where there are many hidden secrets that most likely no one has found. The most intense, dramatic journey that directly challenges the players’ minds and spirits will be created to bring them to their final destination.

This will be a unique story-changing game based on your thoughts, calculations, and choices within your playthrough. Live conversations will be brought to ask you to resolve the situation immediately through what you can feel about this story. All the images, things, events, and even characters that appear will be clues for you to find the secret hidden in a horror way.

Kyung Lee goes to a village for summer vacation. His peace is ruined by an unwanted encounter and leaves him feeling deeply troubled. Therefore, players will experience feelings never seen in this game model. An exciting novel game, and you will be the one to create the more magical moments than ever. Take your character out of situations; with each task set, if you complete it, you can quickly win.


This application will bring the best realistic fighting skills with each game model created. You can perform various tasks and make the game model as attractive as possible. In particular, the 2D game model creates many attractive features for users to use as quickly as possible comfortably. The different layouts match the story of the visual mystery novel so that players will experience real and memorable moments. In particular, the system of different and charming characters is perfect for horror movies. From there, the characters’ fates change based on the main character’s choices, and the levels will be continuously increased.

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  1. The game is designed in an adventure game genre that allows players to have authentic experiences with the created story.
  2. The gameplay gives its players a horror novel when the stories will be divided into many different chapters.
  3. Starting with the story of Kyung Lee, who is on a journey back to his hometown to have the most comfortable summer vacation.
  4. But the plan did not go as expected, and many stories were created that forced the main character to solve.
  5. The game’s graphics are designed with dark colors and images of highly terrifying characters suitable for a horror game.




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