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Terraria MOD APK v1.4.4.9 Mod Menu + Unlocked

Requires Android :4.0+
Current Version :
Mod Info :Mod Menu, Full Paid
Size :165MB
Online/Offline :Offline


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Considered as “the 2D version of Minecraft”, Terraria MOD APK builds its own name by changing the craft and build gameplay of Minecraft and successfully applied on 2D RPG platform.


About Terraria MOD APK

This game was originally only available for the PC version. However, after the unexpected success, 505 Games decided to cooperate with RakNet and CodeGlue to develop the mobile version of this game in August 2013. Immediately the game attracted a large number of fans. , and was rated as one of the top paid games in the app store.


Dig, explore, fight! Those are the main activities when you participate in the open world of Terraria MOD APK. Through these activities, you will be adventuring and exploring an open world full of fantasies, strange creatures, fighting zombies, demon eyes…

You start the game by cutting down a few trees, building shelters, then mining resources. You have to search for materials to create weapons, armor and use them to fight hundreds of different monsters in the game. There are more than 400 types of weapons from melee, long-range, magic, summon, …

Or you can choose for yourself a peaceful life by building houses for NPCs, fishing, riding, finding Bay Island, and there are many, many other things waiting.

Creativity is unlimited

In Terraria MOD APK, you can become anyone. A shaman? An explorer? A knight? Creativity has no limits. By exploiting resources and developing characters, you can create any character the way you want. Everything in the game can be destroyed and exploited its core resources. You can collect stone, wood, iron by destroying stone blocks. Fangs and bones can be found by killing monsters and predators.

The main purpose of the game is to explore, create and adventure. Discover every corner of a large, strange world with many strange landscapes that you have never witnessed. Besides, building and manufacturing is also a factor that makes the game attracts millions of players every day. With the resources you collect, you can create everything that will help your life in the game. Make weapons, clothing, vehicles, walls, bases or even a village. Of course, you cannot finish it in one hour. This needs your patience and creativity.

Survive in the open world

Like a day on Earth, Terraria MOD APK has a day/night cycle. If you’re a new player and like safety, remember a basic rule of thumb, don’t explore at night. The night is a time of activity for monsters and zombies. If you do not have many weapons and armor strong enough, you can do nothing but run. During the day, you can comfortably go for a walk, exploit resources, explore caves, kill some weak monsters.

Some modes in Terraria

Unlike a PC version of Terraria MOD APK, the mobile version does not have Mediumcore or Hardcore mode. All set to the most basic level, Softcore.


When playing at Softcore, the level of punishment for those who died is relatively light. You will only lose about 1/3 (sometimes 2/3) of the item in inventory and about half of the gold you have. This penalty is relatively small if you compare it to Mediumcore (lose all items in your inventory and gold), or Hardcore (expelled from the world).

In addition, Terraria mobile version retains 2 difficulty levels of the game, Pre-hardmode (easy level) and Hardmode (hard level).


As the name implies, Pre-hardmode is a relatively simple mode to bring a new player experience. In the Pre-hardmode, the number of Spawn enemies (randomly generated) is relatively low, the enemy also usually has less health and less aggression. Players will easily learn about the game mechanism without having to worry too much about the enemy.


With a larger number of Spawn enemies and more often, Hardmode is a mode for those who like to experience combat, when both the blood, attack and the number of enemies increase sharply. You will have to use all your knowledge and skills to survive in this mode. In addition, the boss in Hardmode is more difficult and with a larger number than the normal mode, if you are passionate about fighting then the HardMode will be a perfect mode. So do you think you’re ready for Hardmode?

Talk about graphics

The game has a graphic style of RPGs from the 1980s. It’s not exactly the legendary 8-bit RPG style, but more modern, like Stardew Valley. If you’ve played through Stardew Valley, then surely you’ll recognize some design similarities in Terraria MOD APK.

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Download Terraria MOD APK for Android

Like Minecraft, Terraria MOD APK allows players to adventure and do everything in a simulated world. The classic retro graphic design gives you a lot of new experiences if you’ve ever played Minecraft. The fun of this game lies in how you discover and create, so in one article I can hardly say the whole content of the game. Download this game to your phone for free and join the adventure of the warriors.






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