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Technopoly MOD APK v1.0.35 Mod Free Shopping

Technopoly MOD APK

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Are you ready to become the ultimate business manager? How about putting your construction management skills to use with this factory building manager? Spend your time looking after your very own industrial area and make money from the proceedings. In this building simulator, you must look after the industrial building establishments and be patient enough to make money and collect it on the correct time.
Play Technopoly: Industrial Empire – Idle Tycoon Games

Impress With Your business Manager Skills. Are you ready to impress others with your factory building management skills? Develop a diverse range of industrial area management skills in this immersive building simulation business games and use different tools to look after the factory building. Technopoly MOD APK – Industrial Empire – Idle Tycoon games is an idle strategy game where you will tap tap to make money:
– Manage resources mining processes
– Manage factories in the heavy industry sector
– Invent and develop new technologies
– Upgrade your factories, laboratories, manufactures and mines
– Develop new methods of resources manufacture
– Assemble the manufactured parts and create your own electric car with business skill.
– Business simulator
– learn business skill and build tycoon.

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Technopoly MOD APK is a strategy game that simulates a growing industry. Players become the highest level managers of factories – business managers. Witnessing the change and transformation of the industry, you also have to upgrade and build the factory area with advanced technologies and machines so as not to fall behind. Whether you can become an industrial tycoon with a considerable factory base, the answer will be up to you!


The player is assigned a large area of land. You will start building a huge industrial park with many manufacturing industries. Divide each small plot of land to place plants and equipment. Do not forget to build infrastructure systems such as roads, trees, etc. It is possible to place factories and production areas near fuel or energy areas or divide each area separately. The arrangement and selection of factories are all up to you. Let’s build a prosperous industrial city according to your wishes!


Technopoly has more than 20 developed technologies such as water, electricity, wind, etc. Energy sources and advanced technology will help speed up industrial development even more. In order, the player will develop three industries of mining, manufacturing, and assembly. In levels, when you complete the mining industry development roadmap, you will begin to implement plans for the manufacturing industry and, similarly, for the assembly industry. Open up new empty lands and build as many factories to level up fast!


Although this is an offline game and there is no direct interaction system, with pre-setup, every day, there is a task list for you. These tasks help you better shape what the industry development process is like. After each mission, you get wood, money, and gold. These items are precious and are what help you buy equipment and build factories. Accumulate as much as possible. Become the wealthiest manager of the game!


  1. Manage the construction and development of all factories and areas in your vast industrial park
  2. Build a state-of-the-art infrastructure system with modern roads and many other utility areas
  3. Arrange the location of the factories, fuel, and other areas as you like
  4. With more than 20 developed technologies, in turn participating in three industry blocks of mining, manufacturing, and assembly
  5. Accumulate more wood, money, and gold to buy things in the shop and build factories



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