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Team SIX MOD APK v1.2.16 Mod Free Shopping


Requires Android :5.0+
Current Version :1.2.16
Mod Info :Free Shopping
Size :116MB
Online/Offline :Offline

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Team SIX MOD APK is a mission player in a full-fledged military simulation. Players will command six teams of soldiers equipped with various combat vehicles. Each unit team will be assigned an assignment and a weapon. You must strategize such that each team’s power may be used and the adversary can be detected. The armored unit will be responsible for shooting down opposing tanks and planes.


In the Night Angle stage, the army is being destroyed by an enemy raid. Therefore, the commander must send soldiers to support to destroy the artillery base and kill all the enemy army.

The objective of each mission is to destroy all the enemies and destroy the enemy buildings. Your team must recapture supply depots and factories. Snipers have an extensive range of attacks because the army has to pay attention. Players must focus on the main goal of the team.


In Team SIX MOD APK, for the Escort mission, your unit will receive urgent orders from the commander to save the lives of your army’s soldiers. In the internal disorder, your army will go to the place where there is a wounded tank soldier to move the base point and destroy all enemy buildings.

Team SIX MOD APK is a strategy game based on the army. The color of your army is blue, whereas the color of the enemy’s army is red. They’ll go about doing things like local or all-out warfare. The space war will be fought everywhere, from the streets to the forests and the sea. You will take on the role of a leader, leading an army to annihilate the enemies. Your unit will run in a green circle to find out where the enemy is hidden. They may conceal themselves behind plants or significant buildings. You have the option of playing in bright or dark mode. The commander’s jet will arrive at strategic locations to carry out tasks.

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– Can play in a different light and dark modes with a self-explanatory graphical interface
– Fight with many fascinating missions and particular goals such as killing all enemies and surviving your team
– Improve and repair weapons and upgrade skills for troops
– There are many levels from easy to difficult
– There are various levels to choose from to destroy the enemy, from easy, normal to difficult
– Detailed instructions on how to play move and select items





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