tasty planet forever mod apk

Tasty Planet Forever MOD APK v1.2.0 Mod Unlimited Money

Tasty Planet Forever MOD APK

Requires Android :4.0+
Current Version :1.2.0
Mod Info :Unlimited Money
Size :33MB
Online/Offline :Offline

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Tasty Planet Forever MOD APK – continuation of an exciting arcade-style io. This time the player will be able to take control of several characters to choose from. Then there is the opportunity to play for a cat, an octopus, a bee, and several other characters. Each of them will be in the usual locations in which to search for food for sustenance. With each new object eaten by the characters will increase in size. Along with this you need to follow to one of the larger creatures couldn’t eat the characters themselves.

Tasty Planet Forever MOD APK is a more addictive game. The protagonist is something that a group of crazy scientists have developed. It can not only eat everything in the world, but he can also eat the universe!


The lively game characters and the dark picture style make the game’s overall style more realistic and vivid. The game’s scene background is simple, the objects of various activities are vivid, and the game will take you from the perspective of the micro world to the perspective of the macro world. It is very novel and unique.


When you eat everything on the road, you will enjoy some master songs. Happy jazz will come back to accompany you to the world banquet. All kinds of wonderful music effects will surprise you. Who knows what it would be like to eat a ladybug? Have you ever thought about what would happen when you eat a small spaceship? Enter the game and you will soon know the answer.

Are you a person with a passion for eating? Or are you a fan of the game that cleans unnecessary items? Then don’t miss this Tasty Planet Forever MOD APK game! The game is released to the public by the publisher Dingo Games. One of the famous publishers of the “game about eating everything” genre. The game is about eating everything. The game is a great combination between cleaning and eating. The content of Tasty Planet Forever MOD APK begins with the setting at a very cluttered restaurant. The owner of the restaurant is looking for a way to solve this problem. And so the game starts with a cat cleaner.

Tasty Planet Forever MOD APK offers players extremely attractive missions. You will transform into many different animals. Join the adventure with many new planets and lands. Now you are a super small animal with an insatiable hunger. You need to find foods that fit your size and eat them as quickly as possible. The ultimate goal is to become big enough to eat the whole planet. There are more than 150 missions for you to complete. New game content promises to not make players feel boring when playing. Tasty Planet Forever is designed with playful and eye-catching cartoon graphics. Sound has also been paid attention to invest in for your comfort.

Enjoy the delicious planets

In this fun game, your character will increase in size gradually according to the amount of food they will eat. Initially, you can eat small animals like cockroaches, mice, small knives,… The game does not limit the objects you can eat. So after developing, the animals you control can swallow cars, villas, even people. You will have hundreds of objects to satisfy your hunger. However, it is not easy for you to complete your eating and drinking in every place. Larger objects will try to block you. Add to that the deadly traps that are always life-threatening.

Touch is to eat

Tasty Planet Forever MOD APK has an extremely easy way to play. Players only need a few simple steps to grasp the rules of the game. To be able to carry out the search for food smoothly, the movement of the characters is very important. In this game, if you want to move you just touch the character on the screen and drag it to the target you want. You have to be very skillful and observant to avoid colliding with animals or objects larger than your size. An arrow will appear next to your animal. Pay attention to that arrow because it will show you the closest target you can eat.

There are 7 worlds to eat

Coming to this game, after eating the whole of Paris, you will be able to adventure to 7 other interesting places. At the same time, you not only have the shape of a cat but also play as an octopus, shark, penguin,… At each destination, you have the opportunity to explore new foods. In Tasty Planet Forever MOD APK players will enjoy dishes thousands of meters deep on the ocean floor. In addition, you will be able to eat a lot of special objects in the shape of a fast bee. You will transform into a heroic mouse capable of eating the whole city. Or you could also become a black hole in space and plan to swallow giant Mars,…

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Your Reward

Tasty Planet Forever MOD APK is indispensable to the rewards for you. At the end of a level, you will get past the stars. Maximum of 3 stars per game. Depending on the number of stars that the player will receive the corresponding exp. Also, an important bonus you’ll get is time. At each level, you have to complete the target within a certain time limit. So try to get as many time rewards as possible. You can also get bonus characters. They are metal cats, killer whales, eels, ladybugs,… So you can use them to play more turns.

Tasty Planet Forever MOD APK is a great entertaining game. You can play to kill time or relax after hours of stressful work. Attractive game content. At the same time, the gameplay is extremely simple. Therefore, Tasty Planet Forever can be suitable for all ages and audiences. When participating in this game, you will train yourself to be observant, flexible, and sensitive. With 150 levels from basic to complex, the game will always give you a new feeling when playing.




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