tasty blue mod apk

Tasty Blue MOD APK v1.4.2.0 Mod Unlocked Full Game

Tasty Blue MOD APK

Requires Android :4.0+
Current Version :
Mod Info :Unlocked Full Game
Size :50MB
Online/Offline :Offline

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Tasty Blue MOD APK is a casual mobile game. The game uses the core rules and gameplay of big fish to eat small fish. Players need to feed your cute little fish in the game, let your small fish grow and evolve, and increase the size of the body to dominate this sea world! Become the most powerful king of engulfing!

It can be said that the game big fish eat small fish has become a legendary entertainment game in everyone’s childhood. This series of games has an extraordinary appeal despite the simplicity of the gameplay. Maybe it attracts all ages because of its vivid graphics and colorful and diverse fish species. Besides, it is a game that teaches us how to survive in the harsh natural world. Because of this series’s never-diminishing appeal, game developers have relied on the game’s platform to produce countless similar games. Especially the game Tasty Blue MOD APK, the game has an improvement and the development of the storyline that is meaningful to each player.


In the traditional version, the game rules you will be a small fish in the vast ocean. You grow by eating smaller ones than yourself and avoid larger ones; otherwise, you will be swallowed up by them. But with this brand-new version of Tasty Blue MOD APK, the way to survive is to eat but to eat everything. You will be able to eat everything you like, and you will get bigger and bigger. There are 3 types of fish to choose from, each with its own story.


There are three types of fish in the game Tasty Blue MOD APK for you to choose from. The first will be the tiny goldfish, it lives in the ocean, and its insatiable appetite makes it increasingly want to eat more and more things. When you get the goldfish to eat to a level beyond the ocean level, the goldfish will grow and go out of the ocean. It will eat everything it encounters. Let’s take a look at the goldfish’s insatiable eating journey. The dolphin species will be the second choice for you to control.

The dolphin has an unfortunate story; it performs at an amusement park for everyone, but then the number of people watching decreases, so its price also decreases. It has cut its portion; if it wants to eat, it has to jump over the bracelet on the trainer, which causes outrage for the dolphin. The dolphin escaped from captivity in the lake by eating the dolphins, and then the powerful dolphin began to take revenge on the trainers. You will be a poor dolphin; try to eat a lot to grow up quickly. The ultimate choice for you is the shark. Scientists by artificial systems create this shark, and it is used as a collection of all things harmful to the ocean. Scientists did not care how much it would be; one day, the angry fat reached out to eat everything it saw in the ocean. Whether it can eat mass like, let’s step into the game and explore!


The graphics of Tasty Blue MOD APK are not too eye-catching, but overall it is very harmonious and suitable for the simple and close gameplay. At the start of the game, you may be caught up in the fish’s world-eating rhythm. The smooth-moving sound also impresses the players. On the way to eating the whole world, there will be many useful items, collect them all to make your fish stronger.

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Tasty Blue MOD APK game suitable for all ages, help relieve stress after school and work by eating the world. Download this very fun and interesting game right away to your phone to have moments of comfortable entertainment and relaxation.




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