tank combat war battle mod apk

Tank Combat: War Battle MOD APK v3.1.3 Mod Unlimited Money

Tank Combat: War Battle MOD APK

Requires Android :5.0+
Current Version :3.1.3
Mod Info :Unlimited Money
Size :101MB
Online/Offline :Offline

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Welcome to the tank battle arena where you can use your tank hero to explore unique hill climbing.

Unlike other tank games, Tank Combat: War Battle MOD APK is the real wot blitz tank battle.
Defeat enemy combat vehicles and be the last one standing in hill of battle steel.

Start an epic battle of hill climb tank racing by downloading one of the best tank shooting games right away. It’s time to show off your military prowess!
Want more? No problem!
Machine guns, cannons, catapults, tank guns, plasma cannons, and more weapons are available in free-to-play funny tanks.

The best addictive physics leviathan funny tanks and shooting games merge in Tank Combat: War Battle MOD APK have the best shooting games, it’s different from the normal tank io games. Pocket tanks combat will take place in a variety of diverse and unique arenas.
In the merge tanks battle, you will be free-to-play many special environments such as unique hill climbing, hill climb, hills of wot blitz steel.

You usually only encounter human fighting games. Have you ever played fighting games with cars? Tank Combat: War Battle MOD APK will open a fierce battle between tanks. The fighting machines give you solidity and a stable assembly technique. Get lost in the world of countless different tanks. Diverse from appearance to function. Defeat your opponent’s vehicles, and earn points by killing others. On the road will gather the fleet of two different opponents. Launch low- or high-range shots, as long as it hits your opponent. The glory is only for the car with the number 1 position.

Design and build a mighty tank with intense destructive power

With Tank Combat: War Battle MOD APK, you will not have to fight alone. Accompanying, you will be an assistant who is always by your side. These assistants can be flying cars or other mini tanks. No matter how rough the terrain is, it would help if you fought with confidence. Focus on killing opponents who are harming you. Equip a lot of different cannons and missiles to diversify choices when fighting. Your tanks are also equipped with sharp eyes. Exuding strong power, fierce fighting spirit through mortal eyes.

Design your tank

Opening Tank Combat: War Battle MOD APK will give you a tank with the most basic shape. Your job is to choose the colour, look, and design the barrel for the car, … There are pre-designed cars, and the price will be higher. You must go through several levels to collect enough money to unlock these cars. The design of Tank Combat: War Battle MOD APK is very diverse, with many different shapes and colours. Please choose according to your liking so that the car at first glance knows who its owner is. The more aggressive the design, the more powerful it is when stepping on the battlefield. Fully upgrade the necessary features for your tank.

Tank Upgrades

The tank’s primary equipment in Tank Combat: War Battle MOD APK provided all the necessary elements for a battle. But to cope with the more difficult competition, you must upgrade your tank whenever possible. If you are below level 1, your tank is only small in size with a large barrel and three miniature fuses. Then the following levels will be equipped with more protective armour, flamethrowers… There are also stun guns, rocket launchers, poison ball spray and more. The car’s design has also been upgraded to more monumental and massive. The higher the level, the greater the power and damage of the vehicle.

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Countless Hill climb war maps

Bring your chariot to battle in different terrains to create diverse experiences. Tank Combat: War Battle MOD APK takes you to a vast pine forest. You can fight there from morning till night. Or the Mediterranean coast with majestic ancient ruins. Arid wilderness or a prosperous city. In Tank Combat: War Battle MOD APK, you can go out into space to fight each other. But unique places don’t come naturally. You need money, status, and items to unlock these locations. Collecting enough battle locations is not an easy task.




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