tactical war mod apk

Tactical War MOD APK v2.8.5 Mod Unlimited Money

Tactical War MOD APK

Requires Android :4.0+
Current Version :2.8.5
Mod Info :Unlimited Money
Size :25MB
Online/Offline :Offline

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Tactical War MOD APK engages players with tower defense gameplay as they are forced to defend a base located at the end of the path. Your enemies will take advantage of this path to move to essential targets, and you will be forced to place towers to stop them. At the same time, with the money you receive, you can buy new towers, open empty areas, and upgrade towers’ power.


In Tactical War MOD APK, players will find themselves in a large area with many environmental elements and what stands out from these elements is a base. This facility will become the target of your protection, and of course, there will be a road leading to this important place. At the same time, this is also the method that your enemies use to move and try to destroy the base constantly. So you will try to use your weapons to destroy them.

The player’s perspective is placed top-down, allowing players to observe many factors continuously appearing and implementing different defense tactics. Players will need to place many towers to protect their base, and after placing, you need to observe how the things you have just placed. In addition, you also see how much you increase over time with each killed target, and you should care about the remaining health of the base.


Once you’ve mastered the mechanics of Tactical War MOD APK through the tutorial levels, you’ll enter a real level. You will know the direction of the enemy’s movement and select empty cells in the environment to be able to place a tower of any strength. At the same time, this game is different from other games of the same genre in that the location of the towers is not determined in advance, so you only need to see a space where you can immediately set up your defense.

An interesting point when you experience this game is that the environment in the game sometimes has many environmental elements, and they do not last forever. Specifically, you can see their health bars, and when they disappear, a space will appear for players to use and place a new tower. In addition, you also need to make specific effects when touching a tree that you want to attack. You also need to watch the enemies move to choose the right target.

The tower in this game is diverse, with different attack speeds and damage levels, so you will consider choosing the right tower. In addition, you can also find some skills to help you get through difficult situations. For example, you can use the teleport skill to create a wormhole for your enemies to enter. They will be teleported to the starting position of the level, and if you keep your base HP, you will get the maximum achievement.


A common feature of towers in Tactical War MOD APK is the ability to upgrade to gain new power. This upgrade is because the enemies with diverse new weapons have high speed and great stamina, so sometimes the basic tower doesn’t deal too much damage to them. So you will need to upgrade your defense with the money you have so that no enemy can get through and damage your base.

In addition to the upgrades in the game screen, players can also perform upgrades before entering fierce matches. Specifically, towers appear before you with important information and elements that have not been unlocked. They are linked together and form a system similar to the skill tree, so you need to choose a new effect that suits your strategy, like increasing damage to fight more powerful enemies.

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  1. The enemies will use the path to go to the base, and it is your responsibility to place the towers in empty positions and destroy all the enemies.
  2. The towers possess different damage, and nearby targets can also be attacked to expand the empty areas.
  3. Many new types of enemies are appearing with incredible movement speeds and impressive stamina that can bring players defeat.
  4. The towers that appear can be upgraded with money, and you don’t forget to use useful skills like teleporting enemies.
  5. Players will be able to find systems similar to skill trees, and as you unlock elements, the strength of the towers will improve.




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