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Super Goal MOD APK v0.0.68 Mod Unlimited Money

Super Goal MOD APK

Requires Android :4.0+
Current Version :0.0.68
Mod Info :Unlimited Money
Size :85MB
Online/Offline :Offline

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Super Goal MOD APK is a game that can bring you highly entertaining experiences in your spare time. If you are a person who has a passion for the sport of football, this will be an indispensable game in your collection. With this game, players will participate in extremely dramatic football matches. And the particular point will undoubtedly lie in the fact that the players inside the game are stick people.


With almost all games that can give players the best experience, gameplay will always be the top concern. Players will experience the challenges and manipulations that Super Goal MOD APK poses through the built gameplay. So the makers of the game have also researched and developed a fascinating and unique action gameplay system for their products.

This action gameplay will allow the player not to perform too many operations, but the character will still be controlled at will. With just simple touches and swipes, the player inside your play will be able to control his ball to fly as planned easily. The most important thing that you need to possess will undoubtedly be the thoughts and plans laid out for each ball situation so that they can reach the final destination.


To develop the most attractive game for its players, besides the attractive gameplay, Super Goal MOD APK will also equip you with a diverse challenge system. The game has created a lot of different challenges to stimulate and give its players the motivation to develop within their play. And to be able to win in the challenge continuously, you will need to get yourself the best skills and practice and develop them constantly.

Challenges will be created in various ways in practice or official matches. The most significant difficulty created will certainly be the obstacles created to block the lines that you can draw to the opponent’s goal. And it would help if you always remembered that the game’s challenge will always grow with increasing difficulty, and you will need to get used to this as quickly as possible.


What any player who starts his game wants to be able to do for sure is score goals. With each goal, there is a special meaning after that, and all are memorable moments where each player makes something engraved in his memory. And for the goal to have a special highlight, the celebration will also be a feature that you can perform inside your play.

Along with that, to be able to give their players motivation, a special reward system has also been created. In the small game screen, gold coins and keys will be the rewards that you can earn directly very easily. They will be able to be used for many different purposes, such as buying more skins for balls or even the shape of new characters.


Finally, there will be an exceptional personalization feature that the game has added to make your gameplay much more enjoyable. Instead of boring football games with intense matches, you now get the ability to adjust many widgets so that they can display to your liking. The first will undoubtedly be that the player characters inside your game will be able to wear custom suits of your choice.

Super Goal MOD APK will even support players dressed as superheroes, ninjas, kings, masters, cowboys, gentlemen, managers, and more. Moreover, the football pitches will also be changed to the model you desire quickly. From professional football fields to crowded city football fields, unique street football fields, or maybe snowy winter soccer fields, there will be great experiences.

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  1. The game is built according to the highly familiar action gameplay but will bring the most engaging game experiences.
  2. The game will be developed in football, and the most extraordinary feature will be that stick people replace the players.
  3. Manipulating the game will be extremely simple with many players when you just need to touch, swipe and the ball will be easily controlled.
  4. Different challenges will be created to challenge players with their varied ball control.
  5. There are lots of different shape options for the character, the ball, or even the stadium inside the game.




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