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Sun and dark girl MOD APK v8.03 Mod Unlimited Orb

Sun and dark girl MOD APK

Sun and dark girl MOD APK – – an atmospheric action game where you need to protect a girl from demons by controlling the rays of the sun. Meet the main character – a pretty girl with an umbrella, for whom the sun’s rays are deadly. She is dressed in an old-fashioned suit and walks with a coffin, which is a strange picture. You control the sun by controlling its rays. Destroy the monsters attacking the girl. Don’t let them get to the mysterious lady, burn bats and other monstrous creatures as quickly as possible.

If the enemies touch the heroine, she will fall and drop her umbrella, and the bright sun can hurt her. Therefore, be careful and attentive. Gradually, the number of monsters will increase, and their strength will increase several times. Therefore, we will have to come up with ways to strengthen and better control our forces.

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Develop the sun, open wider and more deadly rays. Change the type of celestial body. Read the dialogues, you will like the funny replicas of monsters. Find out the history of the characters’ relationships. React quickly to emerging difficulties and monitor the safety of an unusual girl with an umbrella. Graphics in black and white shades and an unusual idea make the game special.

She is the girl who get hurt by the sunshine.
So she can go out only during the night.
You become the Sun and must defend her.

– The Sun rotates in reverse while you(player) are touching the screen.
– By using your light, please burn off devils approaching her.
– While her umbrella is on the ground, be careful not to expose her to sunlight as possible.
– You can change the type of sunlight from the upper right button. this change needs some orbs.

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Girl x Sun – Terasene – Tower defense & Novel game – unusual TD strategy for Android with dark atmosphere and stylish graphics in which the user will protect the girl, being sad and walking around at night. The heart of the main heroine is broken, because she had not seen the night demons wanting to hurt her. The player will have to protect her from the evil creatures controlling the sun. Directing the rays of the demonic creatures, the player will have to incinerate them, thus helping the young girl to stay alive as long as possible.
The sun is the worst enemy of this girl, since she can quickly die from one ray of it. Since the main character walks exclusively at night, you are obliged to protect her from any risks that may suddenly happen. Try to make sure that no circumstances affect her quiet walk under a dark umbrella. A secret force is trying to harm the girl even at night by sending a fake sun, be careful and don’t be fooled by any provocations that will only happen to you and the heroine.
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