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Stickman Shinobi MOD APK v3.0 Mod Unlimited Money

Stickman Shinobi MOD APK

A game with fighting gameplay that can attract any player is Stickman Shinobi: Ninja Fighting. Players will spend time adapting to the variety of characters’ skills and overcome many other levels. At the same time, many characters with familiar looks are waiting for you to unlock and upgrade. Therefore, you will certainly not be able to take your eyes off the exciting gameplay that this game brings.


In Stickman Shinobi MOD APK, players will transform into ninjas with awe-inspiring skills and experience typical fighting gameplay. This gameplay is entirely understandable and does not need to be explained too precisely, and players will need to focus on using the weapon skills they have to complete the level. In addition, players who love the Naruto anime series will love this game because the stickman characters in the game own the costumes of the same characters.

Stickman Shinobi MOD APK

You can control a stickman with Naruto’s outfit and fight another character with Sasuke’s look. Another thing that you will love is that the unique skills of these characters are similar to those in the hit anime series. In addition, the field of this game is quite large and not only encapsulated on land because any character can fly and move freely to the positions they want by normal movement or movement.

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When starting Stickman Shinobi MOD APK, players will find skills fascinating and diversely divided. You will take the time to master these skills to use them properly. Precisely, you will move the character with the joystick and use skills such as a ranged attack, melee, teleport, defense, and unique skills to take down enemies. At the same time, above the joystick is a button that helps you accumulate the amount of chakra needed to use a particular skill.

Basic attacks won’t need to spend a lot of mana, but special skills do. So you will need to choose when to recharge but not get hit by enemies like you can create distance with ranged weapons. At the same time, taking advantage of all the opportunities in the match is necessary if you want to complete the level when facing many formidable enemies in both Story and Tournaments modes. Character skills and stats are what you need to focus on it.

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As mentioned above, the character of Stickman Shinobi owns the looks of the hit anime about shinobi. So, this is a factor that makes players feel interesting when experiencing this game. You will need a certain amount of puzzle pieces to unlock these characters, and depending on the color of the card, it will give you characters with impressive stats. But it is a long journey that players will need to overcome.

Players will be able to log in to the game to receive many impressive rewards consecutively, and one of them is the number of character cards. Also, another way that you will be able to do it is that you will pass through many levels in Story mode to receive the corresponding cards. When you have enough resources, especially diamonds, you can open mysterious chests and prioritize high-quality ones because they will give the probability of getting rare and powerful characters.


There are over 100 levels, ranging from low to high, easy to difficult, and you can expect more fights the higher you go. You will be satisfied with the exciting action and daring. You can build strength by defeating reactionaries, getting their spirit, and getting rewards. The game is full of vivid images and unique sounds that make it even more fun.



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