steppy pants mod apk

Steppy Pants MOD APK v2.8.16 Mod Unlimited Money

Steppy Pants MOD APK

Requires Android :4.0+
Current Version :2.8.16
Mod Info :Unlimited Money
Size :114MB
Online/Offline :Offline

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Steppy Pants MOD APK – is an exciting arcade game for mobile devices on Android. Here the user can get a lot of positive emotions. Here you need to take control of the character. He is not able to move independently, so each of the walks turns into a test. Character needs help. You should carefully monitor the movement of the hero and timely click on the screen. So the character will be able to move his legs and move. It is necessary to watch for obstacles on the way. The game has nice graphics and a lot of characters. Access to them the player will be able to get in the process of passing.

Steppy Pants MOD APK — Great arcade game, a serious push for fun and relaxation, as well as the nerves that want to either be happy to spend their free time. The project players control a variety of character movements are the basic types of conditions. Comic complexity and scale physics to the next step, you’ll only need to heat through time. Well, the fact that you bring a lot of other classic limitations to a very popular project is that the cracks, ground lava, and conditions will not be built on the gameplay.

Steppy Pants MOD APK – a fun game where you will control a funny hero walk. Your character is unable to move independently and he needs your help, help him put one foot on the sidewalk, tapping the time on the screen of your phone. Show in practice the speed of your fingers, time tapping the screen to make hero move of the special units and did not get past. Carefully follow the road and avoid collision with numerous cars, obstacles and other obstacles, waiting for the hero on the way. Collect enough points and have access to new characters such as pirates, zombies and others.

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Learn to walk… again!

Steppy Pants MOD APK, the most realistic walking simulator you’ll play this year!
Keep your cool when faced with insurmountable odds, like reckless drivers and an inexplicable inability to step on sidewalk cracks.
You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll remember just how much fun you can have walking down the street.​
We’ve been playing this game non-stop for months and it still makes us chortle!Features:
Hilarious Physics
Endless gameplay
Character Customization
6 different game modes
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