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Startup Empire MOD APK v1.9.7 Mod Free Shopping

Startup Empire MOD APK

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Startup Empire MOD APK is a game that will give you the experience of starting a technology company. Those who have a passion for business but still don’t know where to start come to this game right away; it will give an overview of the process of setting up a company.


If you are a business lover, have a passion for starting a business but don’t know where to start, this game is the place for you to start your work as CEO. The game takes you to an overview of creating a famous business and building a robust technology empire.


Startup Empire MOD APK is where you start your tech company. New companies always face a lot of difficulties; you have to start from recruiting employees to developing projects, improving productivity, and attracting investors. The job of a technology company is to create new websites, applications, games, antivirus software, and operating systems.


You are the CEO, so there will be a lot of work for the head of the company like you to do. Players will have to manage everything to develop their company. The upcoming journey will probably be busy for you, so try your best to build a successful company, a big corporation. You will not only start a company, but you will also have to expand it into many branches around the world.

Become the most effective CEO of IT Corporation!
Start from scratch as a startup, and get to know how to make your business really profitable. Hire staff, raise your productivity, upgrade the hardware, and inspire the designers. Develop new projects that will make you famous and bring you right to the level of empire inside your own tycoon game. Create web services, apps, games, antivirus, and new OS.

Bring your startup to the international market. Level up to open a new company in another country. Spend your money to earn even more. There will be no time to get bored with this business simulator.

Create comfortable workplaces for every team in your corporation. Hire professionals, develop their skills, and profit from their coherent work. Don’t forget to upgrade the dining room and the recreation space. Protect your employees from the burnout. Run your inc and team wisely, that’s what the real tycoon does.

You have to choose the best strategy to manage all the tasks. Don’t spend all your money in one room. You’ll have to take care of electricity, toilets, and storage. You’ll also need a server room, when you’ll be ready for the international market. Make investment and finances division a key to a successful idle empire!

Your clients want only the best projects. They are ready to give you their money but you have to make their product perfect. Open projects, buy new rooms, install the hardware, upgrade your office in time. This idle game will get you through right to the point.

If you are tech-savvy and have a passion for business, the idle game IT Corp Tycoon is the place for you to start your journey to becoming a famous businessman. You will be the CEO who takes care of everything in the company, so you must be ready to shoulder a tremendous amount of work and great responsibility. Come to the game to start your business.

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  1. The game gives players an overview of steps to start a business, and maybe it will also help you in real life.
  2. You are the CEO and have to shoulder the heavy responsibility of the company to experience the feeling of becoming a successful person.
  3. You have to do everything from recruiting employees, developing technology projects, or attracting investment for the company to succeed.
  4. Your company is a technology company that specializes in Creating services for new websites, apps, games, antivirus, and operating systems.
  5. You have to build a robust technology empire, build many facilities, and spread it to all parts of the world.




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