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Stardew Valley MOD APK v1.5.6.51 Apk Full Paid + Mod Unlimited Money

Stardew Valley MOD APK


Requires Android :5.0+
Current Version :
Mod Info :Full Paid, Unlimited Money
Size :388MB
Online/Offline :Offline

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Stardew Valley MOD APK is already a name that is no longer strange to those who love farming games and especially being immersed in a colorful world. It still retains the retro breath from the very familiar pixel graphic style unlike other games today. The strange thing is that although it does not have a dramatic plot, it is built very simply but still brings a peculiar attraction.


Coming to Stardew Valley MOD APK, you will be playing the role of an office worker living and working in the city. Life in the crowded and busy city plus frequent failures at work makes you feel very depressed. It seems that you can’t take it anymore, but you still don’t know how to make things okay. It’s not okay to quit your job or move to another place, and now you’re stuck in a mess. And it is at this moment a fateful letter has been delivered, and it is also a ray of hope for you to change everything.

You quickly open the letter in your hand and carefully read each line until you realize it is again a will. It is none other than a will left by your late grandfather and with it the right to inherit a vast fortune. It is an old farm that you were once attached to so many memories, and now you will replace your grandfather to manage it. Perhaps this will be the best decision to give up what you have been trying to get all this time and return to your homeland to start over.


Have you ever thought that you would experience the life of a farmer for a day and what it would be like to work on your farm? Or is the feeling simply more exciting and new than the city’s atmosphere? All your answers will be answered as soon as you witness the beauty and inherent peace here. You have to do daily chores like felling trees to plant new varieties, watering them to grow, and harvesting products. In addition, you can also fish or mine some resources and do everything to help your farm grow more and more.

All operations in the game must be said that it is not too complicated and elementary for those just starting to play and especially do not need to do too much because it is inherently an idle genre. When you want to act such as planting, picking, taking anything, touch them, the character will automatically do everything. You will also control the character to move by touching the screen and swiping in the direction you want to go.


If you think that the only thing you can do every day is stick with the farm day and night and only be alone, you are entirely wrong. To help players get moments of fun entertainment, the manufacturer has brought a lot of different activities. You can start by making friends with the people living in a small town near the farm. Not only chatting, but you can also learn from them some valuable experiences and become closer to the people around you.

You can also find out and date people of the opposite sex that you like until you reach the highest level of intimacy, then you can both get married. Then you and that person will build a home with your children and nurture them to grow up day by day. It’s not stopping there because, in Stardew Valley, there will often be festivals on special occasions of the year. Such as Halloween, food festivals, or Easter, and you can go there to bring home attractive gifts from participating in games.

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  1. The game gives me a soothing style needed to make my players feel relaxed.
  2. Being a true farmer will always be one of the professions that earn great respect from people.
  3. To bring you unique challenges, many mysterious areas have been created in the game.
  4. The game’s high interactivity when you have yourself active with the people and participate in the unique festivals.
  5. At the beginning of this game, you do not own anything, and the ultimate goal will be to build a large farm.






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