space shooter galaxy attack mod apk

Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack MOD APK v1.734 Mod Unlimited Money

Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack MOD APK

Requires Android :5.0+
Current Version :1.734
Mod Info :Unlimited Money
Size :172MB
Online/Offline :Offline

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Introduce Space Shooter MOD APK

Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack MOD APK with space war gives you control of your spaceship to eliminate strange creatures. Your space journey will be halted by flies. They are not normal creatures, by collision you can damage the ship. Get ready for weapon attacks, conquer new locations in the galaxy. Space Shooter comes from a position near the Earth, the player gradually takes spaceships to other planets. This adventure is not as easy as you think. Enemies are always blocking the way and you must destroy them to continue. Many new fighters with weapon systems for players to choose freely.

Large space gives players a long trip. Facing enemies and large allies, you need a strategy to attack and defend. Almost flies make up the majority of the enemy team along the way. But these are not normal flies, they are very large in size and color. Go to the ends of the galaxy by asserting your strength. Eliminate all the villains blocking the way.

Fierce war in the galaxy

As soon as the spaceship is activated and begins to move, the player meets the first flock of flies. Each appearance makes the player in danger. They always evolve over time, harder to destroy than when you know them. Therefore, Space Shooter gives players the freedom to design their own gameplay. Space Shooter unleashes a fierce space war with flies and the guys behind them. With a contradictory nature, working with herds of enemies makes the player have to work hard in this trip.

Dangerous enemies

Flies are just the beginning of a fight, although overcoming them is not easy. The person behind the flies is really your worry. Bosses are usually huge in size, equipped with a modern weapon system, always causing the player to find a way to destroy it. If the Flies are only destroyed with a few bullets, the boss’s stamina is extremely great. If you only have a weapon with a base damage level, it takes a long time to make it explode.

Spaceships and upgrades

In addition to the ability to move, the spacecraft can also fight well when the enemy appears. Space Shooter has a variety of options with a beautifully rated spaceship system with diverse colors. Each fighter has a number of stars corresponding to its quality. If you want power, choose a spaceship with great damage from the start. Of course, during the battle, you can continue to upgrade with more strength with your bonus money.

Support from both sides

Each spacecraft is equipped with mini aircraft with a combat support function. Cooperate with small fighters and attack enemies. There are many functions worth paying attention to when choosing a mini spacecraft. I really like fighters that are willing to sacrifice themselves by blocking bullets from the enemy. Space Shooter emphasizes the brave spirit to bring players a world surrounded by dangerous creatures. You need to be alert to deal with all the tricks the enemy creates.

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Nice effect

Space Shooter has a relatively high quality of graphics. The colors in the battles in the galaxy give players a lot of excitement. Lightning, the power of the ship’s engine always gives players many surprises. The attack in Space Shooter is dramatic but also makes you feel eye-catching.

The big task in Space Shooter is to regain peace in the galaxy. Enemies you meet on a space trip are always looking for ways to take down the ship. Improved weapon system at the same time attack to eliminate targets in front. Each closing challenge opens a new mysterious story. Download Space Shooter modSpace Shooter: Galaxy Attack MOD APK players to lead the ship to the end of the publisher created storyline.




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