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Soul Catcher MOD APK v300226 Mod Free In-App Purchases

Soul Catcher MOD APK

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Role play and escape from the dungeon

Are you looking for a challenging RPG fighting game? Soul Catcher MOD APK is for you. The game certainly won’t take you too long to get used to the gameplay. In the beginning, you will control a character and destroy a small number of monsters to get acquainted. The game also gives detailed instructions on using skills to create maximum effect. Indicators and essential information on the game screen are always displayed visually. The game has four character classes for players to choose from to suit their own preferences. The number of equipment in the game is also countless, armor, cloak, necklace, and a variety of other items. The game also creates many areas for the player to explore and defeat the enemy. Besides, beautiful, hand-drawn 3D graphics are also a point not to be missed.

Unique character

In the dungeon world, players will face a lot of enemies from weak to strong. Each gamer will have their unique fighting style and different favorite warriors. And luckily, this game offers four classic character classes, Hunter, Mage, Rogue, and Warrior. Each character class will have very different looks, characteristics, and fighting styles. Specifically with the Hunter class, one of the most popular classes among players. This character is a monster hunter and has a lot of combat experience. They can deal massive amounts of damage from afar with deadly arrows. In addition, this class also uses toxins, explosives, and traps to deal short-range damage. The remaining character classes are also powerful, like Warrior; in addition to dealing damage, they can stun enemies with sharp swords.

Unlimited equipment

Equipment is required to create solid characters and defeat challenging bosses. Players need to know their chosen character’s weak point to filter out the appropriate equipment. Besides body armor, shoulder armor and helmets help the characters receive much health. Gamers need items such as magic necklaces and magic rings for characters to heal. Not all, the gems are also indispensable items for the player. They help provide mana regeneration, a significant stat to use skills. In addition, boots and capes also offer vital stats to movement speed and base health.

Stunning graphics

In an era where computer graphics are blooming like mushrooms after the rain today. This is considered an effective tool for creating images and contexts for RPG games. However, the developer of this game has brought craftsmanship into his product. The 3D visuals of this game are entirely hand-drawn, which is a huge surprise. The stones, the bridges, and the walls are all meticulously painted with many intricate details. Perhaps the developer has poured a lot of effort into creating a realistic dungeon world. Besides, the animation of fighting, using weapons, and the character’s skills are also very eye-catching.

This is a soul-collecting fighting role-playing game with very easy to get used to the gameplay. The game features character classes that have become iconic in the RPG series, Hunter, Mage, Rogue, and Warrior. The game offers a system of equipment and infinite items spoiled for players to create the strongest warrior. The graphics of the game are beautiful and highly realistic.

Soul Catcher MOD APK opens the portal to the most significant arena ever. When entering this world, players have the opportunity to enjoy many different game modes from PvP mode with many RPG elements. Not stopping there, you also enjoy a unique and beautiful graphic system that tilts the water. This is considered one of the trump cards that help this game always receive favor from many players, and I say so because that beauty is made up of unlimited hand-drawn strokes.


First of all, when starting this game, players will own one of three special character classes. It can range from an illustrious five-pronged warrior to an intelligent magician with a good heart. Not stopping there, the player can also become another utterly new version with a holy soul as above is a ruffian. With this game, you can be whoever you want freely. Now, the adventure containing many mysteries has officially begun.


After choosing the right character, we also allow the player to improve his ability to bring more power. In particular, players will not need to spend too much time getting used to the game’s gameplay. I say so because you will officially embark on a straightforward task. We bring it to you to familiarize you with the gameplay for those of you who don’t know. The main task is to protect the crystal against the attack of the enemy.


Not stopping there, one suggestion we favor for you is that you can increase your survivability if you pass many gates. In particular, you can perform many preferential features when upgrading your character by spending reasonably. Moreover, players can join many other players, up to 10 people, go to many different locations, and be dungeons or arenas to buy more valuable artifacts.

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  1. This is a game that gives you arenas with AI or live players in many different locations.
  2. The opportunity to own unlimited classic heroes with many smart features such as warriors or mages.
  3. Action role-playing shows unlimited ingenuity and intelligence when defending the onslaught of enemies.
  4. Join the fight with a variety of mechanics optimized to engage with many knights in a mighty fight.
  5. Enjoy first-hand creative 3D graphics like no other while drawing everything by hand.


P/S: An internet connection is required for in-app purchases, any purchases will not affect actual purchases.(Cần có kết nối internet để mua hàng trong ứng dụng, mọi thao tác mua đều không ảnh hưởng đến mua hàng ngoài thực tế.)




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