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Soccer Battle MOD APK v1.45.3 Mod Free In-App Purchase

Soccer Battle MOD APK

Requires Android :5.0+
Current Version :1.45.3
Mod Info :Free In-App Purchases
Size :102MB
Online/Offline :Online


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Soccer Battle MOD APK – 3v3 PvP will be a particular addictive sports game that gives players a really great experience. Are you a player with a strong passion for king sport and looking for an entertaining game? Then let this game bring you new emotions when participating in attractive football matches right on your phone screen.


If you are a massive fan of football or someone who rarely watches football, you know that each team will consist of 11 people playing against each other on a large football field. But coming to Soccer Battle MOD APK – 3v3 PvP, you will experience a much smaller football field space, and each team will only consist of 3 players. However, it will help you to observe better and easier to focus during the process of participating in a match.

As you know, the task will be to put the ball into the opponent’s goal to be able to win, and the game will end as soon as the team scores three goals first. It sounds pretty easy, but you are playing in multiplayer mode, so your opponents will be real players, and they are pretty formidable. But that shouldn’t be a significant obstacle for you because you will become the most outstanding player that everyone is afraid to talk about.


It’s not easy to get close to success without going through the hardships and arduous training before. And to prepare for confidence before entering intense matches, you need to practice and go through a series of tutorials to be more proficient in the control. It can be seen that on the left side of the screen is a button for the player to move and on the right is to perform actions such as shooting, taking the ball, or sometimes reaching the ball from the opponent. Because you will not know in advance what actions your opponent will take, always be proactive in all situations.

When it comes to football, you must immediately think of teamwork, so it’s not just you, but you should coordinate well and work well with other members to have more chances to win. Make skillful dribbles and shoot straight into the opponent’s goal if you feel it is the most accurate time, otherwise pass it to your teammates. Everything will need to go smoothly, or else your team will make mistakes, and the opponent will take advantage of the opening to be able to steal the ball.

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If you are afraid that you are still not sure about the game’s rules and think that you will make some mistakes like in real-life football matches, you often see. Then don’t worry too much because it’s not really classic football but just a form of entertainment for you, so there won’t be any rules or regulations. There are no offsides or any red and yellow cards, so you are free to make the most of the perfect ball. And especially, no one has a fixed position as a goalkeeper, so you can come and block the ball any time the opponent is about to shoot into your goal.

Not even a fence on either side and the ball bounces back onto the lawn, so you have to be quick to get hold of the ball as soon as it bounces back. And no one has a fixed position as the keeper, so you can come and block the ball any time the opponent is about to hit your goal. Especially the manufacturer also creates an exciting playground for players with many exciting matches as well as many unique events that you cannot ignore.

Participating in football matches will always be an excellent emotion for fans of this sport. And Soccer Battle – 3v3 PvP will be the name that can help you get really great experiences with dramatic matches. From special clubs and players to an attractive and attractive football game, it will give players a genuinely perfect football experience.




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