silent castle mod apk

Silent Castle MOD APK v1.4.7 Mod Unlocked + Unlimited Money

Silent Castle MOD APK

Requires Android :4.0+
Current Version :1.4.7
Mod Info :Unlocked, Unlimited Money
Size :97MB
Online/Offline :Offline

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Images that could be upsetting to some players are featured in this game. This circumstance can be described using the phrase “parental guidance.” It is recommended that people under the age of 18 and teenagers participate in the game. Those players who have a low threshold for excitement and terrifying content in their entertainment should certainly steer clear of this one.

Something has entered the castle in the night. Be careful! One can never be too careful when the Grim Reaper is around. BANG!!! The creature is desperately pounding on the chamber’s doors. Those who haven’t already done so, please lock the doors and crawl under the beds. Your defenses against the Grim Reaper will be much stronger if you band together. Choose your path carefully between surviving and becoming a Soul Reaper. There is a wealth of potent tools and gadgets at your disposal; stock up on gold and learn strategies for employing a variety of props. Cash rewards for being the best! Stay tuned; we have more rewards on the way! Incentives for New Users to Register an Account in the Castle.

If a red countdown appears, evacuate the castle passageway fast. Others need the room, too. If you enter a sleeping room, exit immediately. If you’re stuck inside, restart the game. When you enter the chamber, sleep to earn gold for crafting tools. If IT breaks in, don’t leave your bed. Press the repair button to fix a Soul Reaper-damaged door. If a room’s light is out, don’t steal anything. You should instantly escape a castle’s concealed room. Spending money on unexplained decorations could enrage the Soul Reaper. The castle prohibits photography and filming. Once found, you can’t enter the castle. It’s late, so sleep in the castle. Build a barrier and kill Soul Reapers to keep them out of your room. Please be quiet— it’s coming.

This game is noted by the developer to involve scary images that can cause physical and mental discomfort to the player. Consider carefully before participating, and adult guidance is required if showing children under 18 years of age. Some scenes of extreme excitement and fear, players should not continue, especially people with diseases related to nerves, heart and blood pressure.


It’s already dark and something seems to have broken into the haunted castle. Players need to be careful because those are Soul Reapers snooping around to steal your souls. 

What should gamers do when that situation happens to them? What’s smarter than the player is to close the door, breathe slowly, walk quietly, hide under the bed and arrange the army around with the strongest defense system to resist the Reaper.

At this point, the players must have somewhat understood the dark gameplay in the Silent Castle MOD APK. The game will throw you into a dark old building where there are many Devils who specialize in eating souls waiting for an unlucky person and that bad guy is you.


The player’s mission is to Build a solid defense in your bedroom to hide in and use the traps you set up to defeat the Soul Reapers. But need to be very careful, just a second of being absent-minded, superficial, the player’s soul can be “lost” immediately.

Game Mode in Silent Castle MOD APK

Bringing you 2 exciting role directions is the highlight of this horror game. Silent Castle offers many different modes, players can choose to be the only living person or the devil Reaper.

Regardless of the role, players will have a lot of tools and equipment with their own hunting or defending and fighting strategies. Winning through many levels will help players have more attractive rewards. Especially if players log in for the first time, they will receive a launch gift that is worth a try.

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The secret to playing the easy-to-live Silent Castle MOD APK game

Silent Castle MOD APK is a series of chases (Soul Reaper) or defense, combat (victims).

When playing a human: Each scene appears a red Countdown Timer. When the clock appears, the player needs to leave the corridor immediately to make sure what happens to the brothers right after.

Nor should you follow anyone else into their room. Each bed, each room is only enough for a single gamer. If the player enters the room and sees that someone is already there, take his feet and run out to find another empty room. And if the player does not leave the room but just waits, the Soul Reaper will come to “pick up” you right away.

As soon as an empty room is found, the player needs to go to sleep immediately to receive gold. Even if the room the player chooses is greasy or cramped, never get out of bed. Even if the player hears the pounding of doors, voices, and rattling sounds, do not do anything but lie on the bed, silent for the auto defense structure to work.




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