shadow of death 2 mod apk

Shadow of Death 2 MOD APK v2.0.1.2 Mod Unlimited Money

Shadow of Death 2 MOD APK

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Shadow of Death 2 MOD APK is a hack-and-slash game where you will continue the journey of the now amnesiac hero Maximus. You will be tasked with destroying monsters to bring stability to Aurora. At the same time, with the source of power that you find, you will overcome many monsters and many other players in the game.


The journey you find in Shadow of Death 2 MOD APK will continue to revolve around the character Maximus, who has now lost his memory. Before his eyes, some monsters continued to appear, and once again, he encountered these monsters, especially the mighty bosses. When he defeats them all, Aurora’s light will return, and it will be a challenging journey that he will overcome, and a new source of strength awaits him.

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Maximus will move inside a 2D environment that gives you a sense of mystery and gloom. That also makes it possible to see the current status of Aurora. At the same time, the character’s color is black with attack effects that stand out from the environment, so you will be able to control the character and launch the attacks you want accurately. In addition, the control method is similar to other RPG games in that some basic attacks and skills can change over time.


When you experience Shadow of Death 2 MOD APK, you will see many levels that you have to overcome, and in one of them, you will see which stage will lead to the boss. So you will be able to prepare the right strength and tactics to defeat these monsters. When you experience this game, the interesting thing is that besides the main character Maximus, the game also introduces a new character, Quinn, who can attack long-range and dagger.

Gameplay is understandable when you need to defeat any enemy that appears in front of you to complete the level. At the same time, each character’s ability consumes some of the character’s energy, and you must generally attack to recharge your energy. In addition, when you go through many different levels, you also get a certain amount of experience, and of course, the result you get is leveling up, and the stats will also improve over time.

The bosses in this game possess many different shapes, from animals to human figures. They all have their large form, powerful attack power, and easily recognizable attacks in common. So you won’t just attack without a strategy because that only applies to normal monsters. When the boss shows a weak point, it is time for you to use all your skills to attack it.


An interesting point in Shadow of Death 2 MOD APK that you can easily find is that you can change weapons depending on your time. Specifically, before starting the match, you will need to equip two weapons in the primary and secondary positions; this order will not be absolute because it will still change in the game. At the same time, each weapon gives a new advantage and attack method for characters, such as Quinn’s character switching from ranged to melee when changing weapons. It makes for exciting tactics that can be applied in many situations.

The feature that you will notice when you look at the information of the weapons you own are the stats that come with the skills you can use. A weapon type will feature a different set of skills, and when you change the weapon, the skill will change as well. So over time, you will be able to upgrade your weapons, and the power of your skills will also increase. You can overcome many monsters and even other players in PVP mode when you have a strong skill set and impressive skills.


Many factors determine the strength of the character in Shadow of Death 2 MOD APK. Specifically, you also need to use the points you get after each level to increase strength, endurance, and intellect. Weapon qualities also improve with each level up and are sorted through color.

Finding a new source of strength will be a long journey as long as you receive supports from the Aeons. These are warrior entities with a blue color similar to ghosts that you can summon at any time through a skill. So that will be what gets you through many challenges.


  1. The environment and graphics in the game are mysterious, attracting players to explore while traveling through different locations.
  2. The accessible combat system can satisfy any player with the experiences it can bring.
  3. Characters have different characteristics that you can use and take your time to realize their potential.
  4. Integrated weapon system and changeable skills to optimize the character’s attacks and increase their strength.
  5. The character’s strength depends on various factors and allows the players to build a strong warrior that suits their play style.




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