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Shadow Assassin MOD APK v1.2.2 Mod Unlimited Money

Shadow Assassin MOD APK

Requires Android :5.0+
Current Version :1.2.2
Mod Info :Unlimited Money
Size :178MB
Online/Offline :Offline


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Shadow Assassin MOD APK of NCCSOFT publisher will make your weekend not boring. Once again the shadow combat action role-playing style is blown into a new nuance, with more intense than you’ve ever known.

Introduce about Shadow Assassin

Shadow warriors in the dangerous hell world!

Want a shadow game with a good story?

Famous in the mobile gaming world, shadow games always bring a sense of curiosity, excitement, and violence because players are not distracted by appearance and context factors, but only focus on controlling the shadow on the screen. All attention is on the attractiveness of quick body movements and screen-lighting moves. The playing experience is thus extremely intense and bloody.

But because of the focus on gameplay and dense movement, often shadow games don’t give a detailed story. If you’ve ever played this genre and lacked the story, feeling lack of meaning, then when you play Shadow Assassin MOD APK, you will change your way of thinking.

Different from other shadow style games, Shadow Assassin has a fascinating story leading to the reason of the shadow warrior’s fight.

The story

Shadow Assassin MOD APK,revolves around the character Leo, an elite descendant of Beowulf, who possesses outstanding combat talent capable of resisting all dangers in the world.

In a peaceful place, people enjoy a rich and happy life in a familiar land. Suddenly one day, a mysterious figure performed a summoning ritual. He called Lilith, the Queen of the Underworld, to life after a series of voodoo spells that broke the seal that had been built thousands of years ago. The threat from many generations ago is rising.

As soon as she came to life, Lilith rapidly destroyed and burned everything in Leo’s village, and continued to spread terrible disaster to many other parts of the world. She has also learned of Leo’s presence and has kidnapped Leo’s lover hostage, with the desire to bring the hero to her knees.

Unable to accept seeing everything around fall into tragedy and also wanting to save the one he loves, Leo has started a journey to find Lilith and the wicked man who evoked the cursed witchcraft. Hell fighting adventure from here begins.

High-speed, violent platformer

Shadow Assassin MOD APK embodies the standards of a quality shadow game. As Leo, you can’t just go through the play scenes as usual. As a fighting platformer, the pace in this game makes you flinch a bit from the start. Until you regain your senses, you realize you need to get used to the extremely quick movements of the character. Mastering the main character’s moves, moves and skills is the first thing you need to do to be able to go far in this game.

The levels in Shadow Assassin MOD APK are designed to appear randomly according to increasingly difficult levels. The most intense final battle will be devoted to the female demon Lilith and the person behind the summoning rituals.

But to get there, you must be prepared to fight bloodily with the devil and all kinds of monsters spreading on the road. Not to mention there are many pitfalls, wormholes, pits and too many things that can cause you to lose blood or even die at any time.

In the process of fighting, to go deeper into the game as well as be ready to face the increasingly cunning and unpredictable demons, you also need to have better preparation for the character. Climbing through the battles will upgrade to special skills, the damage ability will also increase with the number of points accumulated from fighting to slay demons.

Skills and damage can also increase when you unlock with a significant amount of money. This money is collected as a resource during the scene. Remember that obstacles and demonic attacks can cause you to lose a lot of health. You need to always keep a lot of items to increase strength, increase health. Overall, don’t skip any resources along the way.

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The key to victory

With the nature of a typical high-paced shadow game, the chances of winning are more for the player when you master the following two factors. One is to capture and execute every smart and sensitive move. Master any terrain, trap or enemy counterattack. The second is to combine moves and many different skills at the same time to create dangerous combos that fall on enemies that make them unable to react.

These two factors are the key to success and scoring points when playing Shadow Assassin MOD APK.




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