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Settlement Survival APK v1.0.57 Apk Full Paid

Settlement Survival APK

Requires Android :5.0+
Current Version :1.0.57
Mod Info :Full Paid
Size :382MB
Online/Offline :Offline


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Settlement Survival APK is essentially a survival simulation game but combined with a city-building form, in a favorable environment that changes drastically according to the weather conditions of the year. The game promises to bring a new kind of survival experience, different from the ruined scene or alone in the middle of a strange place that you often see.

Introduce about Settlement Survival

When survival simulation combines with city building, how exciting will things be?

The common pattern of survival games is only in the following categories: get lost in an accident in the middle of some strange place and has to find a way to survive, fight monsters and run away from ghosts for as long as possible, or you must find a way to withstand in the harshness environment.

So what if you were given a mission to survive in a new land, but this is a beautiful place, with many generous resources for you to freely exploit? And besides survival, there is also the responsibility of building a new civilization. Two interesting aspects and different contexts from this normal type, you can admire through Settlement Survival APK.

Survival in a full of fresh green environment

In Settlement Survival APK, Earth had a catastrophic natural disaster. Only a few islands are left floating on the ocean’s surface that still exist in ideal living conditions for survivors.

The group gathered together, looking for a way to move to the new island. From here, the work of survival, survival, and rebuilding of human civilization begins.

Through top-down 3rd-person simulation, new life on the island comes into view. As the leader of a group of survivors, you will have to guide and mobilize your people to carry out a series of activities necessary to resettle to a new life. Growing crops, raising livestock, harvesting, mining mineral resources, hunting, managing food resources, building things… All of these things will keep you busy all day in this game.

Management and Building

The two most difficult tasks, which can be called the most intense challenges in Settlement Survival APK, are Resource Management, Food, and Building.

This place is blessed with nature, the climate is four seasons all year round, the vegetation is rich, the animals are diverse, you will certainly get a lot of agricultural products (results from the previous cultivation and fertilization) and a huge amount of mineral resources. But these will be used to maintain the food source for the inhabitants and be the core for future construction. Everything is always limited, power is limited.

Operators also have moderation, in addition to constantly changing weather conditions and some unexpected events that may happen. Players need to always be in a backup position and accurately calculate revenue and expenditure, balance inputs and outputs to help the land develop sustainably in the long run.

Building is an important part of the game and equally challenging. The reason is that you are always at the crossroads of options. Choose to build more houses or gather human resources to build a common base to prevent uncertainty. Build specialized functional areas to ensure the basic living needs of the people or focus on building roads for better circulation here. Each person will have their own construction direction. And with different choices, the results will always be different. However, it should be remembered that the goal of Human Safety and Survival APK remains a top priority throughout the construction process.

Unknown events in the future

The climate, soil, and ecology on this island seem to be quite good. But the future is always a question mark. Like the world we’ve known for thousands of years is finally buried in ruins. So you must always make sure all supplies are available in case of emergencies like this. Everything that is being done is aimed at protecting this new land through challenges from nature.

Some criteria can be set for the daily activities of the residents led by them, such as prioritizing the construction of a solid embankment (to avoid tsunamis), and the construction of small cottages, which are not too grandiose or not too long (limiting damage from earthquakes). Save resources both in storage and in deep underground caves, divide resources into different groups, and have a backup plan for each resource item.

Depth of construction aspect

Going a step further than many survival simulation games have ever seen, the constructions in Settlement Survival APK are still based on considerations of fringe factors. But it can completely become an important factor in the future of human society such as Education, Health, Employment, and Entertainment.

A primitive city may only need Safety, Food. But for that city to have enough premises for long-term and strong development, it is eligible to become a new civilization for humans, the factors “marginal in the present but important in the future” mentioned above are indispensable.

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In addition, when you do these steps well, your city will attract many new residents, who are also survivors of old disasters and are wandering around looking for a place to stay.

But be careful. The sudden increase in population can lead to some urgent consequences such as threatened social security, increased social evils, and population explosion problems… You need to stay alert and maintain the construction direction strategically, and put in place many additional rules for your city to keep it in top condition.


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