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Seashine MOD APK v1.1.9 Mod Unlocked + Unlimited Stars

Seashine MOD APK

Requires Android :4.0+
Current Version :1.1.9
Mod Info :Unlocked, Unlimited Stars
Size :66MB
Online/Offline :Offline

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Seashine MOD APK will change the way you think about the game with the theme of the seabed. This time you do not go fishing, nor do big fish eat small fish or survive on a deserted island. But you will turn into jellyfish deep in the ocean and find a way to survive among dangerous insects.

Introduce about Seashine MOD APK

Turn into a jellyfish, learn how to survive on the ocean floor!


In Seashine MOD APK, you will be transformed into a jellyfish, diving into the ocean abyss and finding a way to survive in difficult circumstances. The glowing jellyfish survives and develops by absorbing the light around it and eating other luminous fish, its life is extremely short, as long as there is not enough light to absorb, it will die. It felt boring because it was alone in the dark, so the light jellyfish decided to find new sources of light in the seas it had never traveled.

This time deciding to go down to explore the depths of the ocean, Jellyfish will realize that living on the seabed is extremely dangerous for all species large and small here.

You must struggle to maintain the fading light in the darkness of the ocean. Also, explore this mysterious underworld and absorb all the light you find on your way to living a few more seconds. The blue sea bottom looks poetic to the eye, but it’s not peaceful at all. There are hundreds of creatures and plants that are eerily lurking in the shadows, waiting to devour. The carnivorous fish are always eager to attack you at any time, they appear and disappear extremely suddenly. Besides, the large rocks suddenly fall, and the beautiful coral reefs around are ready to eat you.


Your mission is to explore the ocean but still have to survive. Light is the only thing that keeps you alive. Try to go as far as possible and absorb every little source of light you can get. Eat the small fish and the larger fish that glow by themselves. Crystals with the ability to reflect light will also help you recover and maintain life. Besides, try to collect glowing stars for a chance to live and go as far as possible.

To control the jellyfish, simply swipe the screen left and right up and down to navigate swimming for the jellyfish. You have to skillfully avoid the carnivorous fishes, rocks, corals, and sharp things on the way. Every fish you meet, or any danger is unique, never encountered the same twice, this is also the point that makes the attraction of this game.

The more hostile fish species become more and more crowded later, and the dangers hidden deep under the sea appear with more frequency, forcing you to constantly dodge, and wriggle through the smallest openings to preserve your life. Plus the task of keeping the light source to a certain limit and not letting the light go off again brings even more challenges to the player.


Dive now into the abyss, in an endless quest for survival. You are born as a fragile jellyfish, struggling to maintain a fading light in the darkness of the deep ocean caves.

Explore this mysterious underworld and absorb all the light you find on your way to live a few more seconds. But be aware… As poetic as this place seems to be, bizarre creatures and plants lurk in the obscurity, waiting to take a bite of you!

Survival of the fittest inside nature’s most well kept secret, the depths of the ocean.

★ Explore a gorgeous and endless underworld full of unknown dangers and strange creatures.
★ An unlimited experience where each game is unique. You’ll never face the same challenge twice.
★ Intuitive controls specially made for touch devices.
★ A beautiful dynamic soundtrack reacting to the environment.

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  1. Play as a jellyfish, and explore a beautiful and endless underworld full of unknown dangers and strange creatures.
  2. An unlimited experience where each game is unique. You will never face the same challenge twice.
  3. Intuitive controls specially crafted for touch devices.
  4. Beautiful live background music, always changing tempo, rhythm, and feeling depending on the environment changes in the playing scene.




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