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Sandbox 3D MOD APK v0.3.2 Mod Free Shopping

Sandbox 3D MOD APK

Requires Android :5.0+
Current Version :0.3.2
Mod Info :Free Shopping
Size :95MB
Online/Offline :Online

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Sandbox 3D MOD APK creates an isolated space with unique creations that allow players to move with different types of vehicles freely. The special is evident in each stroke; you can choose to multiply and media in your personal collection. Famous locations are included and form a long track with many obstacles. Players need to be more flexible if they encounter problems along the way. Discover more modes to try out with this game!


The system adds updates such as transportation, race locations, and improved Sandbox 3D MOD APK performance every week. More than 21 cars will be released; you can experience them by owning and driving them in our terrain. The map has an additional blue area dedicated to the location where objects cannot be created to send you a warning. Belonging to the banned range, you should make sure you don’t cheat because it’s easier for the system to detect them now.

You’ll get to see everything from a first-person perspective, improved cameras, siren sounds, and all sorts of bumps will stimulate you to join the fun. To ensure your information is not exposed, we have prevented the activity of reflecting information on walls and certain objects. Your encounters with friends will be supported by dialog boxes, which have been upgraded to be more chatty.


Any object can join the fun as Sandbox 3D MOD APK has no limit on the number of players on the field. When you enter this world, you have the right to do everything. First, pick out a place you want to explore from the map. It can be deserts, military bases, cities, and more. You need to be familiar with ten different types of characters; then, the journey will be more straightforward; you can read the warnings right on the map. We build a system of vehicles both by road and by air, the number in the collection has reached its limit. However, if you want to own them, you need certain conditions.


The gameplay variety of Sandbox 3D MOD APK builds from two distinctive modes of engagement, public and private. Players can customize them when the game starts and choosing either mode will affect how you experience the fun.

In public mode, all participants can perform a series of deletions on objects or other objects created in the game. And the same goes for your character. However, the main feature is that you are allowed to block strange access and prevent the deletion of the opponent.

The right to delete objects belongs to their servers for private mode, and you cannot see your team. In particular, all activities will be deleted after you exit your location, and it blocks other sources of access to give you more privacy. However, you do not have the right to delete them yourself.


Sandbox 3D MOD APK provides tools to help you build the desired character image. Be it a hero, an iron man, or a witch, but they will always be special because there is no overlap with other characters. Now you can continue your journey by driving your favorite vehicle and uncovering the mysteries of this space. The fun goes on. Will you take good control by completing the tasks in it? Challenge yourself through this fun story, and don’t forget to leave a review.

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  1. Explore the glass case with the help of other players, continuing the story of exploration from special trips.
  2. Build a character system with distinct looks and personalities to serve the journey.
  3. Continue to exchange activities and meet friends at rendezvous points when participating in the game.
  4. Join the action while in one of the two access improvement modes developed by us.
  5. Experience the surreal 3D graphics space with the best sound quality.




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