runic rampage mod apk

Runic Rampage MOD APK v1.08 Mod Unlimited Money

Runic Rampage MOD APK

Requires Android :4.0+
Current Version :1.08
Mod Info :Unlimited Money
Size :97MB
Online/Offline :Offline

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Runic Rampage MOD APK is a role-playing and fighting game that is extremely attractive to many players because of its beautiful battle screens. Unlike other fighting games, the game exaggerates the attacks and clearly depicts the bloody battles of the characters. So, if you are a person who is afraid of strong stimuli, you will not be able to withstand the visual stimulation in the game!

Runic Rampage MOD APK – Hack and Slash RPG – RPG on android, where you will help the gnome to return the runic stone. The plot of the game will tell you that many years ago the dwarves guarded the rune stone, but the stone was gone and the enemies turned the huge kingdom into ruins. Now a brave dwarf named Grimbard set off on a dangerous journey in order to find fragments of stone. In this game you will travel to various locations such as: desert, mystical forest, dark caves and frosty fortress. Arming yourself with an ax and making your way, destroying all enemies in your path. Help the protagonist to learn the whole truth about his people and change his fate.


In Runic Rampage MOD APK, the player transforms into Grimbard, the last surviving dwarf of the dwarven tribe. The game is built with the lost dwarves’ guard stone background. Thus, war with other kingdoms broke out. The dwarves with weak points in strength and height have lost, and you are the last. Your only mission is to survive the attacks of monsters. Your only weapon is the ax that is always with you. Level up the power of your weapons to destroy your fearsome opponents!


The big bosses are the enemies who want to destroy you are not simply small groups of soldiers, but more terrifying. They are supergiant monsters with tremendous power. This unequal confrontation will kill you without good skills. Use manipulative combos to double the capacity. At the same time, collect more new moves as you explore the world and fight monsters. Can you survive their earth-shaking attack?!


Although the game’s plot is very attractive, the point that makes the special attraction of this game must mention the visual and sound effects. Compared to minimizing violent elements, the game depicts battles in more detail. Enhance skills. Players will have a shocking experience every time the moves are launched. My blood always overflows every time I take damage. Character graphics and moves are designed to have a unique character.



  1. Become the strongest and only dwarves alive – Grimbard. Try to survive and conquer your goals
  2. Faced with brutal kingdom war, battles with monsters are inevitable. Fight alone with axes and combos
  3. Diverse monster legions and massive bosses with superpowers. Destroy them before they attack you
  4. Upgrade weapons and learn new moves to win battles easily
  5. Extreme graphics and sound, detailing moves and damage and shocks after each attack




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