runic curse mod apk

Runic Curse MOD APK v1.083 Mod Menu + Apk Full Paid

Runic Curse MOD APK

Runic Curse MOD APK is an adventure fighting game where players come to this strange island world. In order to keep yourself alive, you need to constantly fight and explore around here, but as you continue to explore When you find that there is a secret hidden in the secret of the so-called war curse, so as the player explores you step by step, and this secret is also paid for, but can everyone survive successfully?

Runic Curse MOD APK — action with RPG elements on Android, where you will explore the cursed island. A group of travelers caught up with a terrible storm, after which the protagonist of the game Adrian woke up on the island and must explore it to find out the fate of the crew of the ship on which he sailed. Moving around the island, you will learn its secrets and in the future you will find out that the island is cursed by the “Rune Curse”. Fight numerous enemies that stand in your way, craft weapons and use more than 50 types of spells. Fight bosses and level up the skills of your hero.

Runic Curse MOD APK

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Runic Curse MOD APK —Interact with RPG elements on Android and explore Kicking Island. A group of passengers was caught in a fierce storm, after which the hero of the game woke up on the island and was about to find the fate of the ship’s crew, on which he boarded the ship. When you come to the circle of the island you will know its secrets and in the future, you will know that the island is cursed by “Runic Curse”. Fight multiple enemies that stand in your way, make weapons and use more than 50 types of spells. Fight the boss and improve your hero’s skills.

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Runic Curse MOD APK is available for Android 9.0 or above. The current version of the app is 1.083, and you can get it in English and Russian.

Runic Curse Mod Apk

One group of tourists stumbles across a hurricane on high seas, and becomes shipwrecked. Adrian, a crew member wakes up on an unnamed island where he has been taken over by the Runic Curse. Key features

Dynamic combat system that uses stamina management, rolls and gives iframes

– Level System with Restrictive Increase of Equipment Capabilities for Inaccessible Areas

There are many ways to combine magic runes and cold weapons.

You will find 10 locations in which you can fight various bosses and enemies.

– Create expendable runes, and upgrade runes to make weapons

There are more than 55 kinds of spells

– New Game in unlimited quantities

Mode Boss Rush

Touch controls that can be customized.

A group of vacationers stumbles upon a storm on the high seas and is shipwrecked. Adrian, a member of the crew, wakes up on an unknown island that has been overtaken by the so-known as “Runic Curse”. It is Adrian who will have to find out what occurred to his crew on this island with a terrible fate.

Key features:

– Dynamic fight system with stamina management and rolls, which give iframes

– RPG components: Level system with selective increase of characteristics, gear, skills for previously inaccessible areas

– Many options for combining chilly weapons and magic runes

– 10 extensive places with numerous enemies and bosses

– Craft expendable runes and upgrade runes for weapons

– More than fifty five varieties of spells

– New Game in limitless quantities

– Boss Rush mode.

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