rcc real car crash mod apk

RCC – Real Car Crash MOD APK v1.5.7 Mod Unlimited Money

RCC – Real Car Crash MOD APK

Requires Android :5.0+
Current Version :1.5.7
Mod Info :Unlimited Money
Size :118MB
Online/Offline :Online


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RCC – Real Car Crash MOD APK is a driving game that focuses on the crash factor of vehicles that you can find in different modes. Each mode will provide a goal that the players will try to achieve the purpose of the level. At the same time, in driving, you can earn money with your performances and gradually unlock cars with different characteristics. So this is a game that will entertain you effectively.


Players will experience driving in a completely smooth designed world and completely realistic environmental elements of RCC – Real Car Crash MOD APK. You will quickly get used to the driving style in this game and know the goal at each level. Specifically, this is not a game that focuses on driving and trying to run to the finish line to win others. You will try to drive your car, show impressive performances and see your car destroyed.

You will control your car with two hands, which is a reasonable way to control because the players’ modes and environments in this game require a lot of precision and skill. At the same time, when driving a car, you can freely change your perspective to change your experience and choose the proper perspective for each mode. So, opening before you is many environments, and each environment has its characteristics for you to choose from.


As mentioned above, players will find destructive processes on the physical appearance of the vehicle in different levels of RCC – Real Car Crash MOD APK. That brings a certain amount of fun to you when you can entirely comfortably drive your car and sometimes watch it hover in the air, unable to land. At the same time, the fact that you can move comfortably without caring about the surroundings that lead to your car being destroyed can help you relieve stress and do whatever you like.

The game has different gameplay that you can choose from depending on your desire to play alone or with other players. You will first experience Crash Arena, an environment with obstacles that can quickly destroy your car. At this level, there will be scattered RCC circles that you must collect. So, it is not uncommon for you to be destroyed in driving, and you can repair it immediately with money.

If you are tired of overcoming obstacles carefully, feel free to experience Crash and Survive mode. Similar to its name, you will find different opponents, and above their car, there is a health bar. You will try to control your car moving around the environment and attack enemies in many ways to take them down. Of course, players who don’t have an alliance setup can target a specific target.

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When you experience RCC – Real Car Crash MOD APK, you will realize that it is indispensable to earn money. When you show performance and have the score bar appear, you will get the money right after. You will use the money you make in the levels to unlock different vehicles or restore the car’s appearance. Although the car crash experience in the game is enjoyable, anyone still wants their impressive car to be complete.




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