punch kick duck mod apk

Punch Kick Duck MOD APK v1.06 Mod Unlimited Money

Punch Kick Duck MOD APK

Requires Android :5.0+
Current Version :1.06
Mod Info :Unlimited Money
Size :86MB
Online/Offline :Offline

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Fluid Fighting Action

Fighting is all about timing. Just ask any duck.

The right move + right time = swift victory!

All you need to do is Punch Kick Duck MOD APK.

The cruel Baron Tigrisso has imprisoned you in his tower. Fight through hordes of the Baron’s hench-critters as you battle up the tower to confront your captor.

Simple controls & fast flowing action mean you’ll soon be sending foes flying and getting high scores on your quest for vengeance.

Just remember the three golden rules, passed down by countless generations of ducks:


Oh, and don’t forget to RUN. You don’t want to meet the BEAR.

Think you can handle it? Sure you can. You’re one tough duck!

– Three selectable difficulty levels.
– Unbox a colorful cast of characters.
– Playable in both landscape and portrait orientation.
– Simple responsive touch controls.
– Controller support.

From the creator of Shoot The Moon, Punch Kick Duck is a compact, lovingly made score-chaser game designed to test your skills without emptying your wallet. Play now!

The duck is training to prepare for his return in Punch Kick Duck MOD APK. Punching and kicking techniques have been trained to the highest level you have. They are tools used as powerful living weapons. You can blow up all enemies as long as they are in front. No one has ever trained to such a high level. Only you are worthy of becoming a great master. Protect the dojo and keep everyone safe. Fight to summon the most significant source of strength you still have hidden in your body.
Fighting something can help you deal with stress. They will not be able to bring us down because each person’s spirit is like a little duck that knows martial arts. Strong enough to withstand any difficulty. With impressive 3D animations and smooth movements, Punch Kick Duck MOD APK does not disappoint. Take the way you entertain yourself higher and further. Know how and practice it to become more fluent. Time and the proper steps only super ducks can do.

Fight and blow your enemies away.

You have been harmed by the evil baron and tricked into his mad tower. It doesn’t seem easy to get rid of the jute. There are many different rooms and floors to overcome. Each section of the road contains a lot of enemies waiting there. It would be best if you used all your abilities to them. There is a move button and two buttons for punching and kicking functions. The path should be cleared before entering the exits. You will probably encounter even stronger enemies. Don’t forget to harvest the loot dropped from the opponent. It can help you maximize your power sources in this.

Three difficulty levels

Usually, each game has only one mode and does not create a highlight. But Punch Kick Duck has three modes for every level. The accessible mode will be something that beginners should choose for themselves. It is pretty simple to overcome, and a master in the matches. Next is the medium mode; you will face a new difficulty. The opponent will be stronger and no longer as easy to destroy as before. Finally, there is the difficulty level that many people have to be afraid of. Now even the most spartan enemies can defeat you. If you are not careful, you must pay a high price and play again. How far can you conquer?

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A massive cast of characters

In each game screen and each stage, we meet different opponents. They are some animals and have their distinctive costumes. The enemies can be pigs, rabbits, ferrets, foxes, and bears chasing you extremely hard. There are also dangerous people behind them. These hazardous people pose a terrible threat. Maybe just one attack can crush you. With these guys, you can move continuously and hit the weak point. Quickly cause them to be defeated without having to tire of dodging. The speed and reflexes you have will be what saves your life. These hordes of animals are terrifying stuff.

You can choose for yourself other characters to exploit their abilities. For example, carrots with a considerable advantage from their kicks. Rugged robot with an outstanding ability to withstand unstoppable blows. Strong and brave Hounds can give you maximum flexibility. You can accumulate the received bonus and then buy a new character. We can choose anyone to bring on our journey in Punch Kick Duck MOD APK.




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