prison escape mod apk

Prison Escape MOD APK v1.1.7 Mod Unlimited Money

Prison Escape MOD APK

Requires Android :4.0+
Current Version :1.1.7
Mod Info :Unlimited Money
Size :23MB
Online/Offline :Offline

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Prison Escape MOD APK is one of the action-adventure games developed by World Mobile and released to the market to meet the tastes of mobile users. The player will play the role of an unfortunate prisoner who has been pushed into prison by a conspiracy; he desires to escape from there and seek help from other prisoners. Fight with other gang bosses to make them respect you, plan and escape from that dark prison.


The character is a good citizen who unfortunately got caught up in the conspiracy of the bad guys and was sent to prison, so disgruntled with this injustice that he stood up to fight and escaped. Players will control him to find a way out of prison, prove that he is innocent to the world, befriend other prisoners to get help or defeat other gangs to get respect from others. Or you persistently dig an underground tunnel into waiting for the day to escape from that hell. Are you smart enough to plan and execute tricks to bypass the guards, dig tunnels through each other, call for help from the surrounding prisoners in Prison Escape? Secret agencies and door lock codes will gradually be easily broken by the character, using the weapons in hand to fight the gangs, defeating the guards to find an opportunity to escape as soon as possible.


The images in Prison Escape MOD APK are realistically described, the action manipulations are attractive and exciting, the direct attacks or the back of the character are smooth. A large number of gang bosses are looking to kill you, actively attack them to clean up that prison; guards are everywhere, so you have to be alert. The combat movements of the characters are carefully built and agile, making the game more realistic and closer. The diverse arsenal in the game is provided with a variety of guns such as R15 rifles, AKM guns, M16 rifles, pistols, axes, daggers, grenades, … and many other weapons. Use the weapons you have reason to attack and take down the enemies, finishing off the guards looking for opportunities to escape. Use the skills that the character has to reach enemies quickly, knocking them down in a few short seconds.


For this thrilling game, we allow the player who can control the character to move around in prison freely, explore the surrounding places, look for loopholes, and maybe fight with enemies. Although carrying out the missions included in Prison Escape, we provide players with more than 30 exciting action missions; players must be very focused to participate in combat. The great action sequences we design and describe are pretty clear; players feel intuitive. During combat, Ragdoll effects appear in survival mode with beautiful and challenging action sequences. Control your character precisely with the intuitive view we bring to the player, using the right attacks and moves to take down the enemy. Then, walk around to discover secret nooks and crannies in prison, find loopholes to exploit them, and give yourself a chance to escape.

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We carefully polish the images in the game. The large prison areas are reasonably arranged, the fence is high, and there are many guards everywhere. The character image is delicately drawn; the muscular physique and the other prisoners have their own personalities. The uniformed uniform of the guards makes it easy to identify; many weapons are equipped for players to use, fight to destroy them, and collect a lot of money. No more time to wait; download Prison Escape to your device now to experience the most exciting and thrilling moments together; you control the character to find a way to escape that prison. The realistic graphics in the game will make anyone fall in love with this game, plan it out and act now, regain your freedom and prove your innocence. If the player has any comments and reviews, please send them immediately to the mailbox; we will receive and process them. Experiencing prison life together and persistently planning your escape, the bright future is just beyond the fence.




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