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Poly Bridge 2 APK v1.50 Apk Full Paid

Poly Bridge 2 APK

Requires Android :4.0+
Current Version :1.50
Mod Info :Full Paid
Size :177MB
Online/Offline :Offline

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Has building bridges never been considered easy? Successful completion of a bridge usually takes several years, but that only happens in real life, and with simulation games, it is entirely possible to do that. Poly Bridge 2 APK is the proof that helps you build the bridge of your choice in a few hours. Do you believe that? If players want to learn or play the game right away to express their creativity to build a complete bridge freely.


Poly Bridge 2 APK has been successful in the previous phase with unique gameplay as one of the fantastic bridge-building games. However, to continue the success of this series, the game has made breakthroughs in this second game. This is an innovative bridge-building game based on physics principles. Perhaps this is a game for players to show their intelligence and creativity to design and complete a complete bridge that meets the criteria. The player’s main task is to prepare himself a perfect bridge and road drawing to put it into construction. In addition, the game also supports the first fundamental steps of a bridge engineer.


After carefully observing the drawing, it’s time to start building the bridge. Do you imagine using materials such as iron, steel, and cement to complete the construction? That only happens in practice, but in Poly Bridge 2 APK, players do not spend effort on the building. Most of the time, there will be machines that take care of all your work.

Initially, the game provides some necessary materials and tools such as nails, lifting belts, wood, ropes, beams, and various other bridge-building materials. Players will use the crane to hook up the items and proceed to build the bridge. You use materials that attach to the crane and help it reshape them to fit the position. This step requires great care, little by little. If you mess up a bit, it will go against what you planned and entirely fall apart. Use pillars to make the bridge stronger.


In the game, you not only build a one-way bridge, but you also have to create many different paths on that bridge. The game does not limit how many bridges you will build or how many directions you will make, which players have to show their clever creativity by building safe passages. The purpose of Poly Bridge 2 APK is that when many vehicles pass simultaneously on a bridge, there will be many different paths to avoid being stuck and limiting the area of ​​traffic on the bridge.


Joining the game is an opportunity for you to show your innovative thinking like a real professional construction engineer. All actions and decisions are made under the authority of a talented engineer like you. However, as an engineer in Poly Bridge 2 APK, the player must build a bridge based on physics principles and still balance a limited budget. The game is divided into many different levels of play means that the groups must be fully connected to create a bridge that bears all gravity.


Unlike the previous game, the game has added player’s physical tools to determine the safety of a solid bridge and all stats according to the set standards. The calculation stage is crucial, with almost 80% of the bridge’s success. New to the first levels, everything is going smoothly without you spending much effort to calculate much. But later on, its difficulty is gradually increased, and you have to spend some time carefully observing and measuring the complex structure to complete the bridge.


Finishing is the last step of your process; build a physical bridge. That is, your bridge must bear all the gravity of heavy vehicles and ensure the bridge’s safety. The game requires the bridge to have the ability to support its weight and create space for planes and ships to pass.


As for the graphics, the game is designed in a style low-poly simple, gentle with subdued colors. The spaces are designed in harmony with the game theme to give players a feeling of closeness. Your work is completed with admiration with the series of people walking on that bridge.

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With a full-length soundtrack that gives players relaxation with soothing sounds. Through the game, players are enjoyed with familiar and smooth acoustic guitar rhythms. Let’s have fun with the perfect space of the game and express your creativity.




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